Friday, November 24, 2006

3 "holy crap" articles at LGF

3 articles in a row that elicit "holy crap!" as a response, linked to by Little Green Footballs.
  • Russia delivers air defense missile system to Iran - Iran will now have a world-class way to defend its nuclear bomb program
  • Policeman kills PSG fan in post-match racist violence - a soccer match in Paris turns into a riot when the Israeli team defeats the French team, and a mob of a hundred tried to lynch Jewish fans of the Israeli team and then turn on a plain-clithed black policeman
  • UN human rights head slams Israel - a major moral midget at the UN (disguised as a the High Commissioner of Human Rights )argues that involuntary manslaughter is much, much worse than premeditated murder from a moral perspective. The article makes it clear that according to the UN, Israel has no legal way to defend itself from terrorists who purposefully hide among civilians, so it just has to let its citizens be killed with impunity.