Monday, October 16, 2006

Today's peaceful PalArab news that you won't find anywhere else

Besides the terrorists vying for proper credit when they launch rockets towards Israeli civilians...
  • A 20-year old, Mohammad Al Breem, was killed in another of those "mysterious explosions" that only seem to happen in the enlightened Palestinian Arab territories. Our deathcount is now at 114. Another "activist" was seriously wounded, his legs amputated.
  • Masked "gunmen" shot and wounded a Hamas man while he was carrying his two-year old baby.
  • Gunmen burst into a local government building in Bethlehem. (autotranslated)
  • A Palestinian Arab woman managed to start two grocery stores, because of loans given years ago by those infidel Zionist Americans who work at USAID. (autotranslated)
  • Hamas is very upset that Canada is planning to accept 46 Palestinian Arab refugees who were stuck in Iraq. They hate the idea that Palestinian Arabs might settle any place that their lives would be better, because that lowers the pressure-cooker environment that Hamas is fostering to aim PalArab anger against Israel.

    Apparently, Abbas is equally upset at a nation actually wanting to help individual Palestinian Arabs who were suffering in Iraq. He thinks it is better to keep them in camps in Jordan or Lebanon where they would have no real rights.
  • Fatah condemned a Hamas attack against a Fatah media spokesman (autotranslated.)
  • If I'm reading this article correctly, there were also armed clashes between Hamas and Fatah in Jabaliyah, somewhere else in Gaza a 19 year old was shot and wounded, and a Fatah leader who was shot and kidnapped was returned.
Just another peaceful day in the territories, where the source of all evil is Israel - when a PalArab talks to the Western press.

UPDATE: A 43-year old man, Abdel-Salam Tawfik Younis, was killed by those famous "unknown persons," riddling his body with bullets shot from a car. We are now at 115 violent PalArab deaths since late June.