Tuesday, October 24, 2006

UPI has a reading comprehension problem

In an interview in Der Spiegel, Mahmoud al-Zahar reiterates Hamas' opposition to recognizing Israel. He makes it very clear that he is against Israel's existence and even suggests that Jews all pack up and move to Europe.

But notice how UPI synopsizes a portion of the interview:
In an interview, Mahmoud al-Zahar acknowledged there were differences within Hamas on the issue of recognizing Israeli sovereignty, "But the big majority supports the resistance" to a two-state solution.

Notice what UPI puts outside the quotes - it thinks that "resistance" means political resistance to a two-state solution. (And the sentence can also be read to mean the exact opposite, that they support the resistance in order to achieve a two-state solution.)

Anyone who ever read anything about Hamas (or any PalArab organization) knows that "resistance" means "terror attacks" (as well as attacks against the IDF, as they never distinguish between the two.)

For UPI to downplay a Hamas official's clear threat to destroy Israel is reprehensible.