Thursday, October 19, 2006

Unfortunate and regrettable events (Self-death count now at 120)

Al-Quds newspaper reports on the three PalArabs killed in the past two days, along with kidnappings, shootings and various other mayhem. (I had already mentioned one of them in a previous post.)

It describes the events as "unfortunate."

Anyway, as best as I can piece together from the news report and from headlines at PCHR that link to nonexistent articles, it seems that yesterday:

  • In one "regrettable" incident, a man named Nabahin was killed as he tried to drive his car into his garage in the Bureij camp.
  • Another "policeman" died as a result of injuries from internal fighting last Sunday.
  • One guy in the Jabaliah camp was abducted, shot a couple of times and released.
  • A Fatah "activist" shot a Hamas "activist" in the back while he was guarding a hospital in Beit Lahiya.
  • The Qatshah family shot and wounded another "policeman" near Rafah.
  • The same family then beat another "policeman" in a field nearby.
  • Gunmen in two Mercedes, no doubt outraged at their poverty-stricken status caused by the Zionists, shot another person in Khan Younis.
  • Those ubiquitous "unknown gunmen" shot a student at Najah University as he was returning from prayers.
  • At a technical school in Khan Younis, about ten uniformed "militants" of the General Intelligence Service shot randomly in the air and the students responded with rock-throwing.
So we are now at 119 known PalArabs violently killed since late June. And the chaos seems to be growing.

It's a good thing they have all those thousands of armed policemen - who knows how much worse it would be without them keeping law and order?

UPDATE: 120.
hospital medical sources announced Shahid Kamal aggression in Beit Lahia town in northern Gaza last night killed one of the elements of the force executive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Jamil Sakr Basyuni young (21 years old) shot his colleague in Beit Hanoun.

.With three citizens yesterday, including a child in two separate armed city of Khan Younis..Medical sources indicated that Basyuni arrived at the hospital a critical situation where the difference in life because of the seriousness of his health because of his several shots in the body.