Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Three PalArabs shot at checkpoint! Alert the media!

Three Palestinian Arab civilians from the same family were shot at a checkpoint west of Gaza City.

Of course, no human rights organizations will protest this - because the checkpoint was set up by a Palestinian Arab family:
at approximately 21:00 on Monday, 16 October 2006, a member of the Baker family fired at a civilian car that did not obey orders to stop at a checkpoint erected by the family in ‘Abu Hassira Street in the west of Gaza City. Three persons traveling in the car were wounded:

1. Sa’di ‘Ali ‘Ajour, 60, seriously wounded by several live bullets to the chest and the abdomen;

2. Firial Mahmoud ‘Ajour, 57, wounded by several live bullets to the legs; and

3. Tariq Sa’di ‘Ajour, 35, wounded by shrapnel to the back.
No doubt, the family decided to set up an armed checkpoint because of the Zionist humiliation they are suffering. Or maybe they charge a toll because of the crippling economic situation started by the Zionist infidels. One way or another, it cannot possibly be the fault of any Palestinian Arabs, where the word "responsibility" is used exclusively to take credit for bombing Jews.

On the Clan Clash front, a 13-year old boy died from wounds suffered last week as two Gaza families do their best to imitate the Hatfields and McCoys. During the funeral, the mourners burned down a house and four shops belonging to the other family, and a melee resulted with five injuries, four of them bystanders.

PalArab self-death count now stands at 116.

UPDATE: 117.
Amar Taher, a Hamas terrorist, was killed by those pesky unknown masked gunmen in Nablus. Hamas will call a general strike and Abbas condemned the killing.

I only saw this mentioned in a single PalArab newspaper.