Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another peaceful weekend in the territories

  • A 43-year old man near Nablus (not named) and 45-year old Sami Mutawe of Khan Younis were killed by more of those mysterious "unidentified gunmen" that seem to proliferate in PalArab areas.
  • A Hamas terrorist died while digging a tunnel to facilitate the murder of Jews.
  • A man was seriously injured from gunhots that were being fired to celebrate a wedding. Notably, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights was quoted in this article but the website itself has not been updated to mention any of the murders or injuries since October 19th. This means that they have not reported on at least 12 dead PalArabs that I managed to find out about through mostly Arabic sources. Which makes me wonder how many I have missed since I started the count.

    Also, if this wedding victim dies, chances are pretty good I won't be able to find out about it.
Anyway, my count of PalArabs violently killed by each other since Operation Summer Rains is now at 129. And my count of NGOs, newspapers, wire services, charities, human rights organizations and Palestinian Arab ministries who keep track of these things remains at zero (PCHR being the exception that proves the rule.)

UPDATE: I did find another source that tries to count PalArabs killed by each other, the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group. But it is also woefully inadequate - they only count 73 in the same time period that I counted about 105. But it is another source to look at, as they do list names.

So there are two organizations that try to keep a count, but neither has updated their stats in a couple of weeks.

UPDATE 2: 130.
(IsraelNN.com) An Arab who was trying to steal at the site of the former Palestinian Authority (PA) airport near Rafiah was killed Sunday evening. PA sources claimed that Israeli soldiers were operating in the area and opened fire after PA police fired over the heads of the thief.

IDF spokesmen stated they know nothing of the incident and that Israeli soldiers were not in the area.