Thursday, October 26, 2006

PalArabic articles of note

Some things that caught my eye as I continue to over-use Google's auto-translate seature:
  • WAFA reports that A leader of the first intifada, named Alaa Aldali, was assassinated by another PalArab, I think in Khan Younis. Fatah condemned the killing (Fatah is mistranslated as "open", as apparently it is cognate to the Hebrew "P T KH" root which also means "open.")
  • Al-Quds mentions that another Arab named Ala Swaileh was also shot and killed in Tulkarem on the eve of the Eid celebrations. His friends responded by smashing dozens of shops, although of course that doesnt contribute to the economic crisis in the territories, because that is wholly Israel's fault. (Our count of violently killed PalArabs by PalArabs is now at 126.)
  • A Falasteen writer is taking notes from the MoveOn crowd, with a classic headline: "Crazy Bush is waging a total war to destroy the world"
  • Al-Manar points out that Israelis (or, as the headline says, Jews) are investing in Bahrain and getting chummy with the royal family there. Surprisingly, this story is reported straight.