Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PA MTV: The virgins are back!

Palestinian Media Watch notes that a music video that was very popular during the intifada has now started playing again on PA TV:

Click to view video

The video shows a PalArab woman, going past a barbed-wire fence to run and meet her lover, getting shot in the back by Israeli Zionist apes/pigs/infidels, and waking up in Paradise along with the other whorish PalArab women just waiting to get laid by shahids for the rest of eternity as they frolic, fully clothed, in the water. (Their hair is uncovered, though. Sluts.)

Meanwhile, her heartbroken boyfriend visits her grave, in a cemetery that for some reason is right by the Zionist infidel border, so he runs towards the apes and pigs and gets shot as well, quite accurately I may add. Then he appears in Paradise to meet his girlfriend, and then thinks - hot damn, I get to screw all the other women here, and this shrew is not allowed to complain about it, because this is a male paradise, and my girlfriend is just one of the dime-a-dozen whores here for my pleasure!

This warmly uplifting video is now back on the air, encouraging PalArabs to get to heaven as fast as possible so they can see their dead grandmothers servicing their friends to much music and laughter.

This could explain why you don't see too many gay terrorists.