Wednesday, September 20, 2006

LA Human Relations Commission: We can't find a moderate Muslim anywhere!

In late August I linked to an article about the the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations planning to give an award for "outstanding human relations work" to a pro-Hezbollah, rabidly anti-American and anti-Israel Muslim leader named Maher Hathout. (The original TNR article is no longer available without a subscription, a copy is here.)

They've received some flack about it but have stood by their decision. A former award winner has sent his award back rather than share it with someone like Hathout.

But the jaw-dropping line of the day comes from the president of the commission, Adrian Dove:
"We were looking to find anybody from the Muslim community that was discouraging terrorism, that was encouraging engagement in the dialogue and that was a potential bridge. While you may not have perfection, it is a starting point you can build upon," Dove said.

"I challenge you to find another party in Los Angeles who is a practicing Muslim leader who would be less controversial."
So now we hear the Commission's criteria: This year's awardee must be a Muslim leader, and they found the least objectionable Muslim leader they could - someone who calls Israel "butchers," who rails against Arab states that talk to Israel and who and says that Hezbollah never targets civilians.

Some of my Muslim correspondents have mentioned how most Muslims really are moderate. How come it appears that none of their Muslim leaders are?