Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Advice for Mel

Sammy at the Die Welt blog has a brilliant suggestion for Mel Gibson:
If you seriously want help, and I can image you might, my suggestion is that you come to Israel. Come to Jerusalem and show us you mean it. Right now. Now that Israel is at war, bombarded by Hizballah missiles and attacked by misguided critics around the world. Show us you're not afraid to confront either the issue of anti-Semitism or the calumny that will no doubt accompany your visit. Be a Daniel and step into the lion's den.

Here you'll see Jews of every colour and every corner of the world, from deeply religious to virulently atheist, from aggressively Zionist to absurdly anti-Zionist, from boorish and pushy to gentle and kind. Beautiful people, vibrant, curious and intriguing, generous and caring. Jews are just like everybody else, only more so. Israel is an intense place. You'll love it. And when you've met us, if you still blame the Jews for everything that's wrong in the world, at least you'll know what you're talking about.

Come and visit. Please.

Just imagine - he goes to Israel and forces himself to say nice things publicly about Jews and Israel, the Jew-haters write vitriolic articles and boycott his movies for doing it - and then he has a slight clue of what it is like to be Jewish.

And he's a tough guy, so he can take it - at least as well as the Jewish kids in bomb shelters in the North.

Come on, Mel - visit Israel and show how much of your apology is heartfelt and how much is just PR.