Monday, July 17, 2006

Yet another example of Arab projection

A Palestinian Arab blog called "Sabbah's Blog" is indignant over a few wire service photos: (sorry, the permalink doesn't work, this is a link to the main blog)

Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern Israel, next to the Lebanese border, Monday, July 17, 2006.

He comments:
Dear Lebanese/Palestinian/Arab/Muslim/Christians - Kids,
Die with love.
Israeli Kids

Hate, disgust, extreme…. I don’t know what word can describe these photos.

And they say that we are teaching our kids hate to Israelis!

He then goes on to a popular Palestinian Arab pastime - showing gruesome photos of dead children.

What righteous indignation! What a defense of the Lebanese!

What a crock!

Palestinian Arabs have a long and colorful history of celebrating the murders of innocents. Hell, they have a long history of murdering innocents. Just today, a crowd showed great happiness in front of cameras while playing with the body parts of a dead Israeli soldier. Palestinian Arabs celebrated 9/11, they created shrines to the Sbarro's pizza bombing, they put up posters of their heroes the murderers, they name sports stadiums and town squares after people who specifically targeted children, they encourage hteir own children to die as martyrs and hand out sweets when the martyrs manage to kill a few Jewish kids along the way.

Moreover, Palestinian Arabs were responsible for the murders of tens of thousands of Lebanese Christians during the civil war there. They killed more innocent women and children, on purpose, than Israel ever will accidentally. The sudden pretense of pain on behalf of the Lebanese is more than a little hypocritical on behalf of this suddenly moral blogger.

Here's where the fun psycho-analysis comes in.

Ask the children in the pictures who the rockets are earmarked for, and ten out of ten will answer the same thing: The Hizbollah murderers who are shooting rockets at these very children.

Who live in the same town that is on the front line, within reach of the shortest-range terrorist missiles.

Which are aimed squarely at these very children.

Not one will say they want to see innocent Lebanese children die. Not one of these girls would even crack a smile when they see the gruesome pictures that Sabbah likes to plaster all over. Not one of them would dream of celebrating the deaths of children the way that Sabbah's people do routinely.

In other words, Sabbah is projecting the behaviors and attitudes of his own disgusting people onto these Jewish kids for whom such thoughts are utterly foreign and repulsive.

One of the goals of the Hizbollah thugs is to make Israelis - specifically, Jewish Israelis - feel helpless. Whoever asked these girls to write messages on the rockets that will ultimately save them from terror was a genius. Israel changed the natural feelings of helplessness into action, into involving everyone in the nation to be a part of the solution.

The solution that will wipe the terrorists off the face of the planet.

UPDATE (7/1): I noticed that Slate just linked here, implying that the message is quite the opposite of what I am saying. But since you're reading, look closely at what the handwriting on the rocket says (I didn't notice this initially):

Dear Nazralah (sic)
From Israel
and Danielle

I wholeheartedly support sending personal messages to terrorists in this fashion. And it neatly proves that I was right, notwithstanding the funny Daily Show piece.