Monday, July 03, 2006

Iranian press sometimes reveals truth

One reason I like to read Iranian news is to see angles of stories that the mainstream media miss or ignore. This article reveals two truths that are illuminating:
Representative of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Lebanon Abbas Zaki on Monday strongly criticized the silence of Arab communities and governments towards Israel's aggressions and the incidents in Palestine.

He told IRNA that the political systems of the Arab world do not show any reaction towards the latest developments in Palestine on account of their good relations with the US, adding that Washington is only concerned on protecting Israel's security in the Middle East.

Zaki underlined that the Palestinian people and combatants have the right to make use of all means to defend themselves against the aggressions of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of the Jordan River.

In the latest Zionist attack on Gaza and West Bank, three Palestinians were martyred and more than 12 others wounded.

"As long as the Palestinian soil remains under Israeli occupation , according to international laws, the Palestinian combatants are authorized to use any possible means, including weapons, against the Zionist regime."

The first interesting comment is that Arab governments themselves are sick of the Palestinian Arab whining. They see what the Palestinian Arabs cannot - that they have nothing to show for their years of terror. Even where they gained, in the case of Gaza, they wasted it to make it worse.

The only people still supporting the Palestinian Arabs in any real fashion are the fundamentalist Islamists - in other words, the same people who support Al Qaeda.

The other interesting part of this article is that the official PLO representative to Lebanon is saying explicitly that the Palestinian Arabs should terrorize Jews - and that all the agreements from Oslo through the roadmap are pieces of paper to be ignored. Despite how the press likes to characterize Fatah as moderate, we have an official from Fatah in an official capacity revealing how Fatah really thinks: that terror is the way to get a state.