Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Genocide? Ethnic cleansing? No, just Arabs killing Arabs

The PalArab self-death count is now at 32, with the latest additions:
At approximately 14:10 on Sunday, 16 July 2006, masked gunmen traveling in a car fired at Mohammad Zaki Dahalan, a 24-year old member of the Preventive Security Apparatus. He was hit by several bullets in the chest and abdomen as he was standing near his house in the Jorit El-Aqad area in Khan Yunis. He was taken to Naser Hospital for treatment, but died shortly after arrival in the hospital.

In a related development at approximately 16:00 on the same day, a number of Dahlan's friends and colleagues gathered near his house and fired bullets and threw bombs at the house of Dr. Walid Amer, a lecturer in the Islamic University and a senior figure in Hamas. No injuries were reported in the house, which sustained material damages to the windows and outside walls.
Yesterday afternoon, a guard was killed at the house of a Preventive Security officer, Nabil Tammous, and two others were injured when unknown gunmen detonated explosives in the officer's house in Naser Quarter in Gaza City. The house was partially destroyed.
And the world headlines screamed "Genocide! House demolitions! Ethnic cleansing! Nazi-like methods!"

Oh, sorry. The world ignores Arabs killing Arabs, because that doesn't fit in with the meme of Israel being the source of all the problems and terror and bloodshed in the Middle East - the latest proponent of this absurd view being none other than CNN's Lou Dobbs.

Hint to Lou - Between the Lebanese civil war, the Hama massacre, Black September, the Iran/Iraq war, the North Yemen civil war (complete with Egyptian chemical weapons) and the internal Palestinian Arabs killing each other, the amount of bloodshed attributable to Israel is a drop in the bucket.