Thursday, June 08, 2006

And in other news...

There has been other notable news over the past day besides the obvious....

British Islamist brigade joins Al Qaeda in Iraq
It never ceases to amaze how some Western Muslims decide to fight their home countries.

PA refuses medicine from Israel; demands cash instead
Proving for the umpteenth time that the "humanitarian crisis" is manufactured for propaganda purposes.

PA is hiring thousands more "policemen" - from Hamas

Apparently, 90,000 "security forces" for 3.5 million people (one policeman for each 39 people) was not enough - the ratio is now approaching 1/36. When you redefine terrorists as policemen, the official crime rate goes way down!

But, 60% of Palestinian Arab civil workers no longer show up to work.

Yet somehow, they manage to find money for daily rocket barrages.

The rocket factory seems to have no problems getting TNT during this "crisis" as well.

Meanwhile, today's Rooz Gooz News: An aide to Iranian leadership, and a "historian", explains the phrase "dirty Jew" in that inimitable Iranian way. He also helpfully adds some possible evidence that Jews are behind the bird flu, worldwide epidemics and of course the Holocaust hoax.