Thursday, April 06, 2006

That "Humanitarian Crisis" again

I mentioned here last November that there were 52,000 Palestinian Arab "policemen" and "security personnel" employed by the PA, making the ratio of police to the general population 1 in 67. For comparison, in Canada it is 1 per 533.

Well, in the days that Fatah's terror leadership of the PA was giving way to Hamas' terror leadership, Fatah offered to hire tens of thousands more - 18,000 right beforehand and 14,000 in the months before that, according to this article - because if Hamas approves the newest recruits the Palestinians will never have to worry about violence again.

The new number of Palestinian security personnel would be 90,000, making the ratio one policeman for every 39 men, women and children in the territories!

Imagine the security of knowing that on every block there lives a few policemen, ready to preserve the peace!

So here are the origins of the Palestinian "humanitarian crisis" - the world funded a welfare state that promoted terror explicitly all while paying every able-bodied man not to work. Sometimes they would kill people for fun. If police weren't paid enough, they would riot. And they were involved in terror attacks.

Now, the world is scared that if they stop paying Palestinian Arabs for their fake jobs - they will riot, kill people and commit terror attacks.

Or, as the UNRWA warned, " "Half of the payroll is for security people who have arms ... there could be more breakdown of law and order."

Makes perfect sense!