Monday, May 01, 2006

Hamas outsourcing terror

Here is the pattern that we all knew would occur: Hamas pretending to adhere to a "hudna", the world believing them, and in the end they are outsourcing their terror operations to others - along with training and materials.
A Popular Resistance Committees cell is behind the attempted terror attack at the Karni crossing in Gaza last week.

According to a Shin Bet investigation into the incident, the attack was masterminded by senior Hamas members, including Ahmed Anzur, the group’s leader in north Gaza, as well as by Ahmed Jabriya, a senior member of Hamas’ military wing.

During last Wednesday’s incident, Palestinians tried to drive a car bomb into the Karni crossing, but were intercepted by Palestinian security officers who opened fire at the vehicle.

The terrorists had apparently planned to blow up the car, creating an opening in the wall separating the Israeli and Palestinian sides of the crossing, and then open fire at crossing employees from two other vehicles.

A similar attack took place in Karni a year and-a-half ago; six employees were killed.

Security establishment officials have mentioned the cooperation between Hamas and the Resistance Committees as an opportunity for the ruling terror group to use the Committees as a “quiet executive wing” for attacking Israel. Hamas is supplying the Committees with weapons and training, officials said.

As Backspin points out, there are ironies here: the Palestinian Arabs tell the world that Israel is blocking their economic growth through multiple closures at Karni, and Hamas planned to blow it up (so much for caring about their people.) Of course, the terror attempt proves once again that Israel was right, but don't expect any mainstream media source to mention that.