Friday, May 19, 2006

Canonical list of reasons idiots give to fund Palestinian Arabs

Humanitarian reasons: (EU)
If the reason is purely humanitarian, then why do Palestinian Arabs deserve millions of dollars more than starving kids in sub-Saharan Africa? It is not like they do not have resources to grow crops or provide medical care - and they received state-of-the-art greenhouses giftwrapped. At what point does the world say that Palestinian Arabs need to show some level of responsibility for themselves rather than being bailed out by the West?

Political influence: (Arab states)
The fear is that if we don't give money to Hamas, Iran will, thus increasing Iran's influence in the conflict. Of course, Hamas has made it clear that it wants money with no preconditions and it will not be influenced easily. And what is the difference between Arab goals for Palestine and Persian goals?

Hamas was elected democratically (loony leftists and Arabs who support Saudi Arabia):
So the people that elected murderers should have no responsibility for electing murderers?

Withholding money is "collective punishment" for the majority of peace-loving Palestinians (loony leftists and Arabs)
This one directly contradicts the one before. And since when is receiving money from the West a human right?

The PA is owed money due to prior agreements: (loony leftists and Arabs)
Since the current PA government does not recognize any prior agreements, it is a bit hypocritical to insist that other parties continue to abide by theirs. An agreement is two way; a concept that does not seem to have permeated the average Palestinian Arab mind yet.

If money isn't given to Palestinian Arabs, they will start terrorizing each other/Israel/the world: (Hamas spokesman)
This is the standard blackmail/Mafia argument. Just because it is couched in other words does not make it any less of a threat. And history shows that giving in to threats is the best way to ensure that more will be coming.

Besides the fact that they terrorize each other/Israel/the world anyway, whether they get money or not.

We will only fund hospitals [and maybe schools] (Israel and the US):
No one is saying that Arabs should starve or sicken, but shouldn't the primary responsibility for funding Palestinian Arabs come from the Fatah money squirreled away worldwide and from other Arab nations?