Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another American victim of Arab terror dies

Daniel Wultz, HY"D, the 16 year old victim of last month's Tel Aviv bombing from Miami, died today.

It is mystifying how any American can continue to support the terrorist Arab side of this conflict when in fact Americans are just as much targets as Israelis. What strange psychological illness makes people so willing to identify with their would-be murderers?

Forget the fact that by any rational argument, Israel is in the right in essentially every important aspect of the war. But just normal human self-preservation should allow every single American and Westerner to be able to clearly see that one side is on our side and the other is against us. One is an expert in building, the other an expert in destroying. One wants to help Americans and the other celebrates their deaths. One wants to build a better world and the other wants to conquer it.

An American boy died today at the hands of an evil and depraved culture. Where is the spontaneous anger? Where is the outrage?

It is way past time to wake up, because the longer it takes, the more Daniel Wultzes will be murdered.