Saturday, February 18, 2006

New cartoon insanity in Toronto

TORONTO -- A student newspaper at Canada's largest university is drawing criticism for publishing a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus embracing.

The University of Toronto student union says it's received several complaints about the Strand, published by Victoria College.

The cartoon, submitted by a student, was published Wednesday alongside an editorial addressing the debate on whether to publish controversial Danish cartoons that have sparked protest around the world.

It depicts a man resembling Jesus embracing another figure with his back turned with a turban and a tattoo of a crescent moon and star.

Student union president Paul Bretscher says the editors should pull the cartoon and issue an apology.

The part that bugs me about this story isn't the absurd political correctness, the abject dhimmifying of the Student Administrative Council at the U of T, or even the fact that the cartoon is not very funny or illuminative.

The part that bugs me is that many newspapers are picking up on this story without a single one printing a copy of the actual cartoon - one that doesn't even show Mohammed! (This one came from the student newspaper itself.)

The mainstream news media in North America is showing complete and utter submission to the threat of Islam, which means that it is no longer the place to get news.