Sunday, February 26, 2006

Insane Muslim Protester of the Day

My curiosity piqued, I decided to find out what exactly JSO means.

It turns out it is the Jafria Students Organization in Pakistan, which apprently has perhaps one member based on how poor their website is. But it is worth reading anyway, both for content and for style:

Jafria students organization pakistan is pakistani Shia Youth organization working for humain help. if you have any problem about islam and shia, share with me i will try answer you and help you.

n we can help those people's who are very poor

and want to know about islam and shiat ,we can help all who are without islamic knowledge

]we provide largest amount of islamic Books and magzines for reading.

if have you any problem regarding islam and shiat contect with me at the fallowing mailing address and Phone no..

/Hussaini Book shoop

Kashish centre Nuodero

Larkana, Sindh



Then it shows a series of pictures of people, some of whom appear to be dead:
If anyone can translate this, I would appreciate it. After all, this is turning into one of my most popular features and I wouldn't want to let down my readership.