Sunday, February 05, 2006

Arab terrorist bravely stabs 60 year old woman to death

A woman was murdered and five other people sustained wounds after a Palestinian terrorist of about 20 stabbed Route 51 minibus passengers in the town of Petach Tikva, east of Tel Aviv, Sunday morning.

Four of the stab victims are reportedly in serious condition, while another was lightly injured. MDA Director-General Eli Bin said the murder victim, a woman of about 60, sustained numerous stab wounds in her chest and abdomen.
Just waiting for the condemnations pouring in from the Muslim world. Any minute now.

UPDATE: Hamas never disappoints:
On the murder of an Israeli woman and injuring of five others near Tel Aviv earlier in the day by a Palestinian, the Hamas leader blamed the Israeli occupation.

He said if Israel wanted stability in the region, it should "stop its aggression and start to seriously think about leaving, and for the Palestinians to regain all their rights."