Thursday, August 04, 2005

Challenge to moderate Muslims

I have mentioned before that the Islamic fatwas issued against suicide bombers, both British and American, although they seem to be categorically against them, may not apply to suicide bombers who target Jews in Israel.

This question needs to be answered by every so-called "moderate" Muslim, and by every Muslim organization that claims to condemn suicide terror. The only place I have seen suicide bombings in Israel to be condemned by Muslims on moral grounds (as opposed to tactical grounds) has been at Muslim WakeUp.com, a very secular and liberal Muslim site that is nevertheless rabidly anti-Israel and filled with absurd articles. (Even then, they ascribe a sickening moral equivalence between suicide bombers and Israeli defensive actions.) From what I can tell, the liberalism of MWU is considered left-wing fringe among most Muslims.

Meanwhile, the PA continues to glorify murderers of the Jewish elderly:
The Gaza Center for Culture and Arts on Wednesday launched a popular folklore course named after Wafa Idris, the first Palestinian female suicide bomber.

The 60-day course is being held in a local college for female students in Gaza City. At least 15 women have enrolled for the course to study several art-related subjects, including folklore dancing.

Idris, a 28-year-old paramedic from the Amari refugee camp near Ramallah, in January 2002 became the first female suicide bomber when she blew herself up on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem, killing an 81-year-old man and wounding several others.
Ashraf Sahwil, director of the center, said the decision to name the course after Idris was aimed at 'emphasizing the longstanding role of Palestinian women in the struggle [against Israel].'

Although the PA has condemned the attack carried out by Idris, some of its institutions have since turned her into a valued heroine in Palestinian society.

The Union of Palestinian Women presented Idris as a role model for Palestinian feminism, a parade for young girls was held in her honor, summer camps for children, university courses, and Fatah programs have been named after her, and a concert honoring Idris has been broadcast numerous times on PA-controlled television.

A truly depraved, sick culture, that the world wants to reward for its supposed "moderation" compared to Hamas.