Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Zero percent of Lebanese, Jordanians like Jews

The Pew Research Center periodically surveys people in countries worldwide. Its most recent survey of global attitudes showed a rising concern about Muslim extremism in predominantly Muslim countries, as well as evidence for reduced support for terror in Muslim countries. These parts of the survey got some press. But what was barely reported was the unfathomable amount of Jew-hatred in various Muslim countries.

Here is a graphic summarizing the results of what each country surveyed thinks about the three major monotheistic religions:

Look at how Jews are perceived in Arab countries: zero percent of Jordanians and Lebanese look at Jews favorably. When was the last time you ever saw a poll with a zero in it? I doubt that an honest poll in Nazi Germany would have come up with the same numbers.

And in "moderate" Indonesia and "secular" Turkey, the numbers are hardly better.

So whenever you see someone claiming how tolerant Muslims are of Jews, and that it is only Zionism they despise, remember that the truth does not quite jive with soothing words meant for Western ears.