Monday, July 11, 2005

Haveil Havalim #28 is out, and something about Islamic womens wear

This blog is mentioned in HH for this post.

As usual, it is an excellent collection of articles around the Jewish blogosphere, this time hosted by Soccer Dad.

For the two fans out there that I have, you can submit any articles you think are particularly noteworthy to this page. Unfortunately I haven't had the time recently to post really noteworthy articles, although I thought that this one was a pretty good find.

Another tidbit about Islam courtesy of Daf Yomi: The custom of Arab women covering their faces completely except for their eyes predates Islam by at least a few centuries, as a Mishnah discusses this in BT Shabbos 65A. Which is interesting, at least to me; both because it indicates that wearing a chador is not an Islamic innovation, but the idea is much older than the mid-'70s as is implied by the excellent Amir Taheri. (Re-reading the article he is speaking about a very specific kind of hijab, so he is strictly correct, but the implication that I took from the article was that major face-covering was a newer innovation.)