Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Abbas' "Iron Fist" more like Arafat's revolving door

Yesterday, the PA trumpeted how it arrested Hamas members who were en route to set off rockets towards Israel. Reuters mentioned the "iron fist" promise that Abbas used in referring on how he would crack down on "militants."

Well, that didn't last long!

Palestinian police released a Hamas rocket squad operative Tuesday, despite a pledge to get tough with those who break a non-formal cease-fire with Israel.

The release came after intervention by outraged Hamas leaders and Egyptian diplomats. The suspect was set free even though he and two other Hamas terrorists had fired at officers during Monday night's arrest, and a rocket launcher and firearms were found in the gunmen's car.
And also just yesterday, it was reported that two Palestinian prisoners "escaped":

The Palestinian Authority (PA) reported this week on the "escape" from prison of the two terrorists arrested after the Tel Aviv suicide bombing in February that killed five Jews.

According to Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, researchers for Palestinian Media Watch, the "escape" is yet another indication that Mahmoud Abbas is using the same strategies of duplicity that were used by the Arafat regime.

Arresting terrorists immediately after bombings, only to quietly report their "escape" after the bombing was no longer a news item, was an effective tool used by Arafat. Because of this approach, the West praised him as a terror fighter, while he was praised at home as a terror supporter.

Luckily, Israel killed one and captured the other. Unluckily, it came at the cost of the life of one Israeli soldier.