Monday, April 18, 2005

Those expansionist Israelis

I just saw an incoherent response, written by one Doris Rausch, to this great article.

This is precious little real information in this short rant (no footnotes nor any real facts of any kind) but its main "proof" is in this priceless paragraph:

But if you want the truth, all you have to do is take a look at a current map; you can see for yourself the "facts on the ground" as to who is trying to push whom into the sea.

OK, Doris, let's do as you suggest.

Some mental midgets suggest that the two blue bands in Israel's flag symbolize Israel's expansionist plans - to the Nile and Euphrates rivers. One wonders why the Middle East's only nuclear power, which could have blown up her enemies to smithereens since the 60's and taken control of not only all that territory but also all that oil, hasn't seen fit to act on its obvious territorial greed.

But never mind that. Let's look at the maps, as Doris suggests.

On my map, in the mid-70's, Israel controlled all territory from the Suez Canal to the Jordan River to the Golan Heights. Since then, Israel has:

  • Given every single square centimeter of the Sinai to Egypt, including dragging Jews out of their homes in Yamit (for peace.)
  • Withdrawn from all Lebanese territory behind UN-drawn borders (for peace.)
  • Given autonomy to the PA for territory where 97% of Palestinians live in the West Bank and Gaza during Oslo (for peace.)
  • Offered all of Gaza and almost all of the West Bank to the PA (for peace.)
  • Offered almost the entire Golan Heights to Syria (for peace.)
  • Planned to withdraw unilaterally from Gaza and uproot Jewish settlers there (for peace.)

I certainly detect a pattern in Israeli moves, and none of it has the least bit to do with expansionism.

I am happy to take your advice about reading the map, Doris, but I am afraid that you have limited skills in understanding basic cartography.