Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Abbas solves terrorist problem!

Abbas, being the brilliant head-of-pseudo-state that he is, decided that he can get rid of all wanted Palestinian terrorists by just hiring them as trusted employees!

I mean, it isn't as if they've done anything that he disapproves of, right?

Notice also the fractured English in this press release from the Palestinian International Press Center.

GAZA, Palestine, April 4,2005 (IPC+Agencies)---Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) issued Sunday a decree to set up two committees in charge of solving the issue of the wanted people by Israel by recruiting them in the PNA institutions

According the local Al Ayam daily newspaper, the decree gave the committees of officials in Gaza Strip and the West Bank two weeks to resolve the issue of the wanted people.

The statement by presidnet office siad that the wenated people will be no more liable to amy attack or chase up by the israelis.

The president moved to contain the chaotic and lawlessness and place all the security service in the west bank in high alert staring in late Saturday evening.

On the other hand, the interior minister Nasser Yousef announced the appointment of an acting interim national security chief Nidal el-Assouri, a veteran security agent, a day after the former commander Hajj Ismail had quit over the Ramallah incident.