Thursday, March 10, 2005

More new, cool Israeli weapons

Besides the tank protection system mentioned, Israel also recently announced:

Israel successfully test-fired its Long Range Artillery (LORA) missile March 3, scoring a dead-on hit of a sea-based target some 200 km from the launch site on Israel's coast.

Revealed for the first time in public are digitalized mobile headquarters and a robot, unmanned security vehicle (USV) to be deployed along the security fence.

Israel Aircraft Industries presented a smart mortar bomb, called "FireBall," with pinpoint accuracy guided by GPS.
The "Eye Ball R1" is a high-tech camera packaged into a hand-held impervious ball, which can be thrown into any building, tunnel, or cave to enable remote observation from relative safety.
The Mosquito UAV measures 12 x 14 inches [30 x 34 cm], has a silent motor, and offers real-time high-quality video for up to 60 minutes, flying at 300 feet.


The Israeli kibbutz company Palsen Sasa has won a contract to provide armor for U.S. military vehicles in Iraq.
The company will provide armor for 2,000 trucks and other vehicles in kits that can be assembled on site by U.S. troops in Iraq.