Thursday, March 03, 2005

Brown U. rejects Israel divestment proposal

(Brown U.) President Ruth Simmons accepted a recommendation of the Advisory Committee on Corporate Responsibility in Investing and rejected the proposal for divestment from Israel set forth by Anti-Racist Action and promoted by a coalition of groups at a protest Feb. 11.

The ACCRI recommended that Simmons reject ARA's proposal for divestment from Israel, all Israeli corporations and any U.S. corporations doing business with Israel, according to a copy of the ACCRI's report provided to The Herald by Marisa Quinn, assistant to the president.

On Feb. 7, ARA, the Democratic Solidarity Committee and Brown Alumni for Divestment submitted their demands for the University to divest from Israel and all corporations doing business with Israel.

In a document claiming "Israel = White Supremacy," the groups wrote that "any Zionist - that is anyone equating Jewish identity and heritage with defense of the state and ruling class of Israel - is an accomplice of white supremacy and empire." The document also said the groups would "not relent until the undemocratic institutions on this campus are shaken; we will not stop until our tuition is no longer used to support injustice here and overseas in Palestine."

Once again the Loony Left shows its hypocrisy. What is amazing is that this ridiculous proposal was taken seriously.