Friday, January 07, 2005

Another farce: PA "election observers" pour in

More than 500 election observers have poured into east Jerusalem and the Palestinian Authority over the last few days to watch the Palestinians cast their ballots, take the ballots to counting centers, and then count the votes.

The observers are divided into three categories. The largest contingent, 260 members, comes from the European Union. A second contingent is sponsored by the US National Democratic Institute and is bringing some 80 people from 15 countries; and the rest are part of a third group from a wide variety of countries – including Egypt, which is sending 20 observers – gathered under the UN's umbrella.

And where exactly were these "observers" when the campaigning was going on, when only Abbas managed to travel freely, when the PA press and "security forces" are all run by the same party that supports the Holocaust-denier Abbas, where all the millions that pour into Fatah go to only one candidate? Who needs to cheat in such an election? -EoZ