Tuesday, June 06, 2023

  • Tuesday, June 06, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon

While Egyptian media has remained almost silent about the terror attack that killed three Israeli soldiers on Saturday, Felesteen reports that the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate held a rally of support - for the murderer.

According to the report, hundreds of Egyptian journalists demonstrated in downtown Cairo in solidarity with the Egyptian police officer, Mohamed Salah Ibrahim, chanting slogans praising his terror attack near the Egyptian border. 

The journalists chanted slogans praising the courage of the "martyr," while others called for supporting Palestinians.

It appears that this rally had already been planned as an anti-normalization rally beforehand, and the attack gave it some extra chanting opportunities.

This gives you an idea of how objective Egyptian journalists are - when they are not censored.

Meanwhile, the killer was given a hero's funeral.

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Monday, June 05, 2023

From Ian:

Germany's Siemens Facing American Scrutiny for Agreeing To Boycott Israel
Germany-based conglomerate Siemens agreed to boycott Israeli products to secure a $360 million deal to provide Turkey with high-speed trains, according to copy of the contract obtained by a pro-Israel watchdog group that contradicts months of public denials from the company.

The agreement, which includes a signature and seal from Siemens, has a provision that "providers of goods and works, and their associates and subcontractors, shall be in strict compliance with the Boycott Regulations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the League of Arab States, and the Organization of the African Union." The Organization of the Islamic Conference enforces a boycott of Israel.

The news could raise legal issues for Siemens in the United States, where multiple states have instituted financial penalties for companies that participate in anti-Israel boycotts. The Zachor Legal Institute, the watchdog group that obtained a copy of the contract, said it has added Siemens to its list of scrutinized companies.

"Although modern-day Siemens has expressed regret for their use of forced labor during the Nazi regime, this new evidence of boycotting Israel indicates that this company is still willing to prioritize profits by engaging in economic warfare, this time against the Jewish State of Israel," said Ron Machol of the Zachor Legal Institute.

New York and Arizona officials told the Washington Free Beacon they are looking into the allegations to see if any action is necessary under the states' anti-boycott laws.

Siemens has for months denied a report by German media outlet Südwestrundfunk that the company signed on to the anti-Israel provision as part of the $360 million Turkish railway deal in 2018.

"Neither Siemens AG nor Siemens Turkey signed a boycott declaration in 2018 in connection with the tender for high-speed trains," said Florian Martini, a spokesman for Siemens, in February.

Siemens spokesman Wolfram Trost sent the Free Beacon an identical statement when asked this week about the contract. He declined to comment when asked if Siemens agreed to comply with the boycott regulations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, as stated in the contract.

The Zachor Legal Institute said it has raised the matter with several state law enforcement bodies. At least 36 states have laws or orders opposing the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Some of these laws limit government-related business with companies that boycott Israel, such as public pension fund investments or contracting work.

From Coy to Goy
Speculation about the future aside, the broader point here is that anti-Semitism, even as it remains both officially and pretty widely denounced, is less likely to be a point of weakness on the right in 2024 than it is a weapon. One way it’s wielded, on top of those we’ve already seen, is to say that conservatives are ineffective—not supremacist—because of Jews and Jewish (“neoconservative”) influence. The same goes for Israel policy. The notion that American Jews control U.S. policy towards the state of Israel, as well as U.S. government institutions like the CIA and so forth, is, of course, nothing new, and familiar to observers of far-left and Islamist anti-Semitism. What is new—or, rather, old and new again—is the assertion that support for Israel is foreign to American conservatism and to American values at large. Their target is not just Israel itself, but, closer to home, its supporters on the right.

Twitter has come up again and again in this essay. It’s no accident. The modern media ecosystem has not caused the spread of anti-Semitism in the American right, but it surely has accelerated it. It also means those attitudes are probably not getting put back in the barrel. In 2016, anti-Semitism on the right first emerged as a kind of issue by association—Spencer was found to have made some hot-mic anti-Semitic statements, and Bannon was allied with loosely anti-Semitic European parties. Today, the far-right benefits from a more mature internet media landscape in which they have almost unbridled freedom to say what they think. They can reach niche audiences online, benefit from anonymous donations via cryptocurrency, and owe no loyalty to mainstream social-media platforms, from which many of them have been banned already. Neither are they beholden to the influence of large donors or to established conservative institutions. This allows people to assert their own power and popularity outside the system and take hold from there. (This is no genius insight—Fuentes himself acknowledges this openly on his talk-show.)

In the dark corners of the internet, these figures are free to promote extreme and exhilarating conspiracy theories about Jewish power and influence over American public and political life. They are able to make outlandish statements that delight their audience, and they no longer have to make excuses about humor as they speak to their followers directly and semi-privately. At the same time, they can be visible to the mainstream when they choose to be. Though he’s banned from Twitter, Fuentes clips are reposted to millions of views by allies like female anti-feminist YouTuber JustPearlyThings (1.48 million subscribers), who excused his Holocaust denial after his appearance on her show caused an uproar.

And with their new identity, and their focus on isolationism, Christian symbolism, and conspiracy theories about imagined threats to their freedom of speech, the far right heightens tensions with and increases pressure on the mainstream right. Just as, back in the UK, the movement that brought Corbyn to power had the establishment Labor party in its sights, this generation of far-rights activists are dead set on bullying and influencing the rest of the conservative movement. Will they take over, as the Corbyn faction did? Right now, that seems unlikely. The United States doesn’t look to me like Britain in the Corbyn years. Living in America, one benefits from protections of religious freedom, freedom of speech, and a robust philo-Semitic culture. But the continued existence of those freedoms and that culture depends on a renewed devotion, a renewed strategy, and a renewed self-confidence among America’s mainstream conservatives, and its Jews.
Antisemitism in the halls of Albany: A legislative attack on Israel is being knocked down by a huge majority fighting back
Last month, while hundreds of rockets were raining down on innocent Israeli civilians, Assemblyman Zohran Mamdani and state Sen. Jabari Brisport introduced legislation in Albany attacking charitable Jewish organizations. Though the bill's sponsors claim it would prohibit nonprofit organizations from supporting Israeli settlement activity, the legislation is no more than a thinly veiled attack on the State of Israel.

Bills such as this must be stopped in their tracks wherever they are put forth. Speaker Carl Heastie said the bill is a "nonstarter" and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins quickly echoed the same position. Knowing the bill would be dead on arrival, the sole purpose of the proposed law was to attack the credibility of Jewish organizations supporting Israel. We applaud the dozens of lawmakers who have already signed on to a statement condemning the proposed law.

Jews of the diaspora look up to the miracle of Israel, admire its astonishing achievements and view it as their second home. We must make clear that New York will always stand up to Jew-hate in whatever form it takes. Our state and Israel have deep ties spanning generations that will never be cast aside.

Ronald Lauder is president of the World Jewish Congress. Dan Rosenthal is an assemblyman representing parts of Queens.
Nablus in the 1960s

Excerpts from a story in Rai al Youm from a girl who witnessed the Six Day War in Nablus:

Sirens are blaring and my father is screaming and ordering us to go to the shelter.

The shelter is a garage at the bottom of the house, and we put some necessities in it like first aid and some food and water..

President Gamal Abdel Nasser told us that we will be victorious and we love him. Yes, we love him in all his speeches. We sit and listen to every word of his speech emanating from the radio that is in our salon.

From the morning, patriotic songs resound in the sky.

The Egyptian radio announces that we have weapons. Land, sea and air..and we have the conquering and victorious missiles..and the promising…!! that will reach the depths of the Zionist entity in the homeland..

Ahmed Saeed - who does not know him!! He shouts on the Voice of the Arabs radio station, we will be victorious!! Yes, I am sure that we will be victorious over them. The Arab armies of Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Iraq are ready on land and in the air.

Composers, artists, and poets are also gathered, so the radio building has become like a beehive in the morning, and patriotic songs are ringing loudly. Here it is, Umm Kulthum and Abdel Wahhab, singing a song. I now have a gun.. and what gun..!
And Ahmed Saeed is famous for phrases such as “a total war, our goal is to destroy the Israeli myth that says that Israel will remain forever .. and any survival and every one of the millions of Arabs has lived in one and only hope  which is: to die to live and to live to die on the day that Israel is destroyed.”

 Today, victory will be achieved, and this enthusiastic atmosphere was weeks before the date of the fateful fifth of June. Even our poet, Fadwa Touqan, had a symposium in the municipal library, answering the questions of the women of Nablus society after Certain victory How will they celebrate??

The statements that Ahmed Saeed was broadcasting, and even the broken Hebrew that the Egyptian radio was broadcasting from Cairo directed towards Israel, convinced many Israeli civilians that they would confront the powerful Arabs, and they had no choice but to fight, and to fight with all their might.

Out of their fear, they began to appeal to their Arab neighbors to protect them in the event of revenge and the entry of the Arabs into Palestine.

The problem was that the Arabs also believed Ahmed Said and his ilk and convinced themselves that an easy victory was on the horizon. It would eliminate the Israelis...!

What happened??? Ahmed Saeed, where are you?? Foreign radio stations are saying something, and they are saying: The Israeli Air Force has been destroyed. The Egyptian Air Force was destroyed while it was still on the ground on the morning of June 5, 1967, in a lightning attack.

What do you say?? It is not possible that this is the beauty of Eid al-Nasser. He said we will destroy them while we believe him. We named our newborn children after him. Do not believe it??!! Here we are still in the shelter and the news continues from the radio around us.
On the third and fourth day, the war ended..! So it is defeat.. it is calamity.. it is humiliation... it is brokenness..!!

On the fifth day, enemy planes dropped leaflets calling on us to surrender, so are we ready to surrender!!?? In the eastern neighborhoods, white sheets began to be unfurled.. and the West followed suit.. Nablus is sandwiched between two mountains from the east and the west.. Oh my God, this is how...

Enter the Jews!! They occupied us...!! My father screamed with tears in his eyes.. We wonder in fear what they look like. Do they look like the monsters we see in the pictures? Do they have horns?? Or what would happen in our house with four girls ..!? We were young girls..we didn't know the truth..

Our father ordered us to cover ourselves...because they might kidnap girls or...or...

Our dear neighbor had binoculars that clearly saw distant objects, and of course, on his high balcony, he began to give the neighbors, through the holes in the windows and windows, signs and explanations of what he saw.

Suddenly, we heard the roar of a tank on our street. How did they arrive so quickly? They saw our neighbor and thought he was sending war signals. They do not know the people of Nablus and their love for gossip. News spread faster than wildfire.

With caution and terror, and from the holes in the shutters on the windows, we saw what we saw.. The soldiers in the neighbor's house were searching and they led them outside and armed them. The father ordered us to lie down on the ground, they will kill them!!! And then our turn will come. We did not yet know that they were cowards.. As soon as they heard a gun shot from another neighbor, they had gathered the soldiers and fled. That was the first time we saw these monsters in human forms..!

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  • Monday, June 05, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
Lebanese Al-Ahed News, which is a Hezbollah mouthpiece, writes about a conference in Tunisia to honor those who fought and supported the effort to crush the Jewish state.

The photo at the headline shows Jewish, not Arab, fighters so we know right off the bat not to expect any truth here.

The researcher, Saniya Muhammad, from Libya, presented a speech on the participation of Libyans in the 1948 war, and referred to the rich lessons that we learn from this experience by presenting its results. 

In a statement to Al-Ahed News, she said, "I spoke in my speech about how the Libyan people volunteered to send their sons to the land of Palestine and fight many fierce battles, which every time the Libyans were victorious over the brutal enemy." 
Libyans won battles against the Haganah? Who knew?
As for the Tunisian researcher, Khamisa Al-Obeidi, she presented the experience of Tunisian activists in this war and talked about the popular participation of all groups to support Palestine, saluting the steadfast people of Palestine. 

She told Al-Ahed: "The war attracted fighters from all parts of the world, and the contribution of the people of the Maghreb was distinctive, especially the popular participation from Tunisia." 

She explained: "All Tunisian popular segments have been involved in defending Palestine, youth and students, women and peasants, merchants and workers, and have excelled in support methods, including boycotting Jewish merchants, demonstrating, and monitoring the movements of Jews in addition to collecting money, volunteering, and distributing leaflets in support of Palestine, in addition to intensive attendance at gatherings, writing poetry that glorifies the resistance in Palestine, and sticking pictures of fighters on the walls.  "

She said, "The volunteer movement topped all forms of support and exceeded all expectations, as the number of fighters reached 2,676 volunteers..."
They are bragging about boycotting and harassing Tunisian Jews as "support" for the fighting.

Yeah, that's not anti-Zionism.

By the way, there were anti-Jewish riots in Tripoli, Libya within a month after Israel declared independence, killing about 14 Jews. This was on the heels of a 1945 pogrom that killed 140 Jews. 

Was that anti-Zionism, too? 

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From Ian:

NGO Monitor: Terror-linked and anti-Israel NGOs Exploit Children in Campaign to Blacklist the IDF
The UN Secretary-General publishes a yearly report on “Children and Armed Conflict,” (CAAC) which surveys instances of alleged “grave violations” of children’s rights around the world. (The six “grave violations” are killing or maiming of children; recruitment or use of children by armed forces or armed groups; attacks on schools or hospitals; rape or other sexual violence against children; abduction of children; denial of humanitarian access.) The CAAC report includes an annex listing “parties to armed conflict” (i.e. armed groups) that perpetrate these “grave violations.” Listed parties are then placed under a UN sanctions framework known as a Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism.

As documented by NGO Monitor in several publications, Israel is the target of an on-going multi-year campaign, led by terror-linked and pro-BDS NGOs, that exploit children in advocating for the IDF’s inclusion on this blacklist. Many of these NGOs are funded by European governments.

The annex is designed to generate “targeted measures against violators, including the possibility of sanctions” (emphasis added). To date, the annex almost entirely consists of failed states, state-sponsored militias, and terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Boko Haram, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda.

The Secretary-General’s report published in July 2022 and covering 2021, explicitly threatened to include the IDF in the annex in the forthcoming June 2023 report “should the situation repeat itself []without meaningful improvement.”

Reliance on Terror-linked and Pro-BDS NGOs
The Secretary-General’s report presents allegations of Israeli wrongdoing as fact, asserting “verification” by UN agencies. However, NGO Monitor research shows that such allegations primarily originate from an NGO “working group” that has been campaigning to have the IDF added to the annex and are not verified.

This “working group” includes Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCI-P), designated as a terrorist entity by Israel in October 2021 over its ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization. It also includes other PFLP-linked groups – Al-Mezan and Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) – and NGOs such as B’Tselem that use the “apartheid” libel and lobby governments and international institutions to sanction Israel.

Highlighting the lack of suitability of the UN partners, on May 13, 2023, following the May 2023 conflict between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) during which the Gaza-based terrorist organization launched over 1,200 rockets at Israeli towns and cities, PCHR issued a statement in which it “affirms the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation by all available means, including armed struggle.”

Notably, information regarding Gazan casualties is often sourced to the Hamas-run local Ministry of Health. In other words, in addition to terror-linked NGOs, the CAAC report relies heavily on unverifiable Hamas-generated material.
Bassam Tawil: Palestinians' Preferred Candidates: Terrorists Who Want To Kill Jews
For the 87-year-old Abbas and his Fatah faction, the victory of the Hamas supporters was not only humiliating, but also a reminder that when it comes to dealing with Israel, many Palestinians prefer terrorism over diplomacy.

The Hamas-affiliated students also condemned the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority for conducting security coordination with Israeli security forces in the West Bank. Any form of cooperation with Israel, they argued, is tantamount to treason.

The underlying message the Hamas-affiliated lists sent to the thousands of students at the two campuses was: Vote for us because we explicitly and unreservedly uphold the armed struggle against Israel and promise to continue the Jihad (holy war) to murder Jews and replace Israel with a genocidal Islamist state, free of non-Muslims.

It also would not be a particularly good idea to hold general elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip at a time when a majority of Palestinians are voicing support for an "armed intifada" (uprising) against Israel.

Article 13 of the Hamas covenant urges Muslims to wage Jihad on Israel and reject any peace initiatives: "There is no solution for the Palestinian issue expect through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors."

The victory of the Hamas-affiliated lists at the two Palestinian universities in the West Bank should serve as a warning not only to Mahmoud Abbas, but also to the international community, especially the Biden administration, whose representatives continue to promote the delusional and dangerous idea of a "two-state solution" between the Palestinians and Israel.

The university students who voted for Hamas have endorsed Hamas's call for Jihad and terrorism against Israel. They have endorsed Hamas's argument that Israel has no right to exist. They have also endorsed the argument that no Palestinian or Arab leader is entitled to make any concessions to Israel.

The officials in the Biden administration, European Union and United Nations who continue to talk about the need for a "two-state solution" are actually advocating the creation of another Hamas-led state, like ISIS, this time in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. A similar state already exists in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, used a launching pad to fire rockets into Israel.

By voting for Hamas once again, Palestinians... are also sending a warning to Abbas and other Palestinian leaders not to make peace with Israel or work with it in any way, or else they will be treated as traitors -- further proof, as if it were needed, that the Palestinians have yet again chosen violence, terrorism and misery rather than a bright, promising future, a better economy, and prosperity for their young.

  • Monday, June 05, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
This is the Sheikh Ajleen wastewater treatment plant  which serves approximately one third of all Gazans.

It treats 75,000 cubic meters per day and its solar array not only ensures that it will remain operative without relying on unreliable Gaza electricity but it also sends much of its generated electricity into the Gaza power grid to help everyone.

And it isn't the only one. The Gaza Central WWTP is currently treating 60,000 cubic meters of water a day with plans to expand to triple that number - and to provide 8500 MWh of electricity.  The Bureij WWTP also currently treats 60,000 cubic meters of water a day and plans to double that number. 

Remember how Gaza was supposed to be uninhabitable by 2020? People still talk as if it is. But there is drinkable water in Gaza thanks to these plants - which somehow got built despite the "Israeli siege" of Gaza. 

I follow Gaza pretty closely, and do not recall any articles about these wastewater treatment plants except in passing. The reasons are obvious: if people know about them, then Gaza is not in "crisis" as everyone pretends, and the world's attention would go to real crises. There are a lot of people, both Palestinians and the entire NGO network, which do not want that to happen. 

This video is instructive. It shows a young man who left Gaza and he explains why - no jobs, no future. But he says clearly in the beginning of the video that no one leaves Gaza because of a lack of food or water - there is plenty to go around.

This is the news that you are not reading in the New York Times or seeing on CNN.

Why do Gazans really leave Gaza?
A young man who left Gaza answers frankly.
English translation.
Many thanks to the wonderful @MoranT555 for her invaluable contribution to the translation. #TheGazaYouDontSee #leavingGaza https://t.co/yofaqFqhhj 2 pic.twitter.com/aPtYt0pr1v

— Imshin (@imshin) June 4, 2023

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Palestinians are marking today the 56th anniversary of the "naksa," or "setback" of the Six Day War.

The official Palestinian Wafa news agency published a statement from Fatah for the occasion that showed, yet again, that dominant political party of the PA government and the one led by Mahmoud Abbas officially supports terrorism and the destruction of all of Israel.

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement Fatah affirmed that it will continue the struggle with greater persistence and determination until we sweep away the abhorrent Israeli occupation from our pure land, and from our great Palestinian people.

In a statement issued by the Commission for Information, Culture and Intellectual Mobilization, on the 56th anniversary of the setback, Fatah confirmed that international law and the United Nations Charter give our people every right to resist the occupation army, settlements, and all policies of expansion and Judaization.

She explained that the response to this aggression paved the way for the launch of the second Palestinian revolution, as a response to the defeat, and an affirmation of the Palestinian people’s insistence that they will not kneel, will not surrender, and will continue their struggle until the end of the occupation.

She pointed out that all forms of Judaization, settlement, and changing the geographical and historical features of Palestine, and the Judaization of Jerusalem and the Islamic and Christian sanctities, are illegal acts, and our people will confront them with all forms of resistance until the occupation and its repercussions leave our land, stressing that everything that resulted from this occupation is void and illegitimate. demise.....

Fatah pledged to the masses of our people, our Arab nation, and all the free people of the world that it will continue to follow the path of the righteous martyrs and heroic prisoners, and its resolve will not soften, no matter the sacrifices, until the great Palestinian people achieve their freedom and independence on their entire national territory.
When Fatah uses the word "occupation" they are referring to all of Israel. That last sentence makes this clear - the goal is not and never was a state in the territories but to destroy Israel. And the means to do that includes "all forms of resistance" which includes terror, which they honor by calling terrorists "righteous martyrs and heroic prisoners." 

Notably, the 1964 PLO charter - the one that says that they have no territorial designs on the West Bank and Gaza - refers to all of Israel before 1967 as "occupation." 

And I again urge you to read the official current Fatah platform of 2009 - after Oslo - that explicitly supports terror and "liberating the homeland" which it defines as including all of Israel.
Western media, pundits and politicians simply refuse to accept that when the Palestinians say "resistance" they mean terror, when they say "occupation" they mean all of Israel,  and when they say "liberate the homeland" they mean destroy the Jewish state. They continue to cling to the myth of a moderate Palestinian leadership that accepts Israel's right to exist when their doubletalk is obvious in Arabic. 

Their logo includes a map of all of Israel, a hand grenade, a bayonet and a machine gun. They are telling the world their goal and their preferred means to that goal. It is nothing less than willful blindness to pretend that they want peace and that they accept the existence of Israel in any borders.

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  • Monday, June 05, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
Israel is going crazy over its Cinderella team reaching the semi-finals in the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

While Israel is not known as a football power, there was a game in 1949 that is worth revisiting today.

Here is the report of a most intriguing game reported by the Associated Press, published in the Palestine Post, June 8, 1949:


The two enemies played a soccer game against each other at the border?

This is right after the "nakba." Lebanon was overrun with hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arab refugees. The Arab League boycott of Palestinian Jews had been in force since 1946, and it was renewed to boycott Israeli Jews as soon as Israel declared itself a state.

If Israel's victory in 1948 was the original sin of the modern Middle East, how could the Lebanese soldiers have played this game? It seems unbelievable.

This indicates that the hate we see today towards Israel from the Lebanese and others is not normal and not natural. It is the result of decades of demonization  in Arab media, and generations of incitement in Arab schools. 

If armed enemies who had been shooting at each other only months beforehand could hang out and play a game, it means that the hate was not inherent in the relationship. 

Today, Lebanon bans movies with an Israeli actor. Most normal Lebanese recognize that as insanity, but the hate is official. 

1949 sows us that it doesn't have to be this way - and that Arab incitement to hate Israeli Jews is an artificial construct, one that requires constant refueling to maintain. 

Interestingly, Lebanon's first international football match was in 1940, and the opponent was "Mandatory Palestine," or in Hebrew, Eretz Yisrael. It was held in Maccabiah Stadium in Tel Aviv. It appears all the Palestinian players were Jewish. 

The Zionists won that match as well, 5-1.

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Sunday, June 04, 2023

  • Sunday, June 04, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
This op-ed by Jalal Muhammad Hussein Nashwan at Amad emphasizes that Israel is the most evil entity in the history of mankind.

The title of evil and its center in this universe is the entity of Zionist terrorism, the home of racism, brutality, barbarism, aggression and slander.

Unfortunately, the whole world is silent with the silence of the graves as it continues the injustice, arbitrariness, oppression and coercion, holding the bodies of martyrs, killing young men at checkpoints, seizing lands by force, desecrating the mosque Blessed Al-Aqsa, the Judaization of the eternal capital, Jerusalem, and other terrorist criminal violations, and it does not move a finger, while the whole world came to the aid of Ukraine....

The stigma of shame on the foreheads of those who embrace the Zionists, the child killers who wreak havoc in Palestine, destroy, kill, plunder, and transgress, yet the United States of America, the sponsor of terrorism and racism, provides them with money, weapons, and comprehensive support, and protects them and bridles them. Palestine is destroyed, killed, plundered, and assaulted, yet the United States of America, the sponsor of terrorism and racism, provides [Israel] with money, weapons, and comprehensive support, and protects them and bridles those who condemn their crimes, and presents them as victims while they delve into the blood of innocent children, women, and elderly Palestinians who occupied their land, persecuted them, and displaced them in the parts of the earth, and they are still chasing them for a hundred years with a series of systematic physical, spiritual, material and moral extermination that are condoned and shared by countries that enabled them to occupy Palestine.

In the dirtiest plot known to humanity, they planted this usurping entity and planted it as a cancer in the heart of the Arab world, and they still support its aggression, criminality, and expansionist settlement project, and protect it and share in their oppression of the Palestinian people...

Our people will uproot this entity, sooner or later, and victory, God willing, belongs to our people, because the Zionist project carries in itself the seeds of its annihilation.
Reading these sorts of articles over the years, one gets the impression that they keep trying to top the absurdities of their predecessors, because otherwise no one would pay attention. 

But when you look at the big picture, the only explanation for the intense hate of Israel is....Jews. There is no more irrational hate than antisemitism, and we see it every day with Israel. 

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From Ian:

The Egypt border attack: Key questions
There are several critical questions that the joint Israeli-Egyptian investigation into the deadly terrorist attack on the two countries’ shared border on Saturday must address.

During the incident, which lasted several hours, three Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed by an Egyptian police officer. The first two were killed at around 6:00 a.m., according to the IDF, and the third some two hours later, during a shootout that broke out after back-up forces arrived to search for the gunman.

Israeli forces led by the regional brigade commander killed the gunman soon afterwards.

The first key question is whether the terrorist, who was armed with an AK-47, acted on his own, or as a member of a larger terrorist group that has infiltrated Egypt’s security forces.

Egypt’s initial claim, that the terrorist had entered Israeli territory in pursuit of drug smugglers, is unconvincing, and reflects pressure within Egypt to smooth over the incident with a convenient narrative rather than attempt to ascertain the facts.

It is fair to assume that Israel has made it clear, behind closed doors, that this explanation is illogical and unacceptable in light of the assailant’s conduct; he remained in Israeli territory for two hours after the initial shooting, before he again fired on Israeli forces.

The second question must address the role that a significant drug smuggling run, which occurred at 2:30 a.m. that same night, and in the same area, may have played in the attack.

Both incidents occurred in the desolate Mount Harif border region, and the attempt to smuggle some 1.5 million shekels’ worth ($400,000) of narcotics into Israel, at the same time as the attack is unlikely to have been a coincidence.

Was the smuggling run, which the IDF thwarted, an attempt to distract the military?

A third question that needs to be given consideration is whether the attack was the result of a jihadist-Islamist group seeking to undermine the ongoing security cooperation at the border between the Israeli and Egyptian militaries.
Three Israeli soldiers killed on Egyptian border laid to rest on Sunday
The funerals of the three soldiers who were killed by an Egyptian police officer at the Israeli-Egyptian border on Saturday, were held on Sunday afternoon.

Sgt. Lia Ben-Nun's funeral began at 4:30 p.m. at the military cemetery in Rishon Lezion. Ben-Nun was 19 years old and from Rishon Lezion. She was promoted to the rank of sergeant after her death, the IDF announced.

"She was stunning from the outside and the inside, a huge ray of sunshine, full of joy of life. Everyone loved her, there is no one who didn't," Lia's sister Ofir said at the funeral. "We were two sisters, now I'm one. We would understand each other without speaking, she was always here for me and I for her... I want to believe that there was no mistake here. I don't want to be angry with the army, because she loved it so much. She was at peace with what she did and was proud of it."

St.-Sgt. Ohad Dahan was laid to rest at 5 p.m. in the military plot of the cemetery in the southern Israeli town of Ofakim.

Dahan was 20 years old when he was killed. He was from Ofakim and posthumously promoted to staff sergeant from sergeant. Dahan was one of the three soldiers who engaged the terrorist in a firefight, ultimately killing him.

Dahan's partner Dana Salita, paid tribute to him: "How did you leave me, you promised me that you would take care of me. Why didn't keep the promise? Everyone who knows me knows how much I would talk about you everywhere, how proud I was of you. I know how much you were waiting for a clash [with a terrorist], how much you wanted to protect everyone around you. I was waiting for you to call, to tell me about your heroism. You were my strength. I have no words. I came in uniform today, you always said that our uniform is a privilege."

St.-Sgt. Uri Itzhak Ilouz's funeral took place at 5 p.m. at the military cemetery in Safed, in Israel's north. Ilouz was 20 years old when he died and like Dahan, he was posthumously promoted from sergeant.

Uri's sister, Gal, said that he had a hard time in the army, but that he "sacrificed for everyone, cared about everyone." She remembered the first time they had fought in their lives. "We never fought and he came to ask for forgiveness," she said. "My life, I want you here. I didn't think I would lose you. There is a crazy amount of people here, which shows how much of a hero and how loved you are."

Egyptian border terrorist was carrying Koran, likely motivated by extremism
The terrorist who killed three IDF officers at the Egyptian border on Saturday was likely motivated by religious extremism, according to new information from Army Radio on Sunday morning.

In addition to a Koran and a firearm, he was found to be carrying a knife that he used to cut the zip ties at the border barrier, and six magazines of ammunition.

During the exchange of fire in which St.-Sgt. Ohad Dahan was killed, the terrorist was the one who opened fire. The brigade commander drew closer to the terrorist in a military vehicle after he had been identified by an IDF surveillance drone. When he got out of the vehicle, the terrorist fired off several shots at a distance of several hundred meters. The first shot injured Dahan, according to military officials.

IDF confirmation and report on the Egyptian border terror attack
Shortly after midday on Saturday, the IDF confirmed an exchange of fire between Israeli forces and the terrorist, who was killed in the exchange.

During the operation, Dahan was shot and killed, and an additional soldier was lightly injured. The injured soldier was hit in his hand by shrapnel but was released from the hospital in the late afternoon.

The Egyptian army later said in a statement that the police officer was chasing drug smugglers, adding that "during the chase, the security man was involved in an exchange of fire that caused the deaths of three Israeli soldiers."

They did not add how the police officer ended up in a shootout with IDF soldiers when he should have been chasing drug smugglers.
Israel searches for answers after 3 IDF soldiers killed in Egypt border attack
Israel's Defense Minister and IDF chief say Israel is "probing the incident in a thorough, in-depth manner, together with the Egyptian military, and will draw necessary lessons."

Edy Cohen is an Israeli that Arabs love to hate.

An expert on Arab affairs, he tweets acerbic Arabic points to his large (half-million strong) Arab audience, who are offended but can't resist reading what he has to say next. He makes Israel's case in the Arab world in a straightforward, non-apologetic manner.

This weekend he tweeted about the murder of three Israeli soldiers by an Egyptian policeman, and the gleeful Arab reaction. And he pointed out the hypocrisy of the celebrants:

Let's just imagine: 
An Israeli soldier crossed the Egyptian border and killed 3 Egyptian soldiers
Your comments would be: "Where is the respect for the agreements by Jews? Allah suffices me about the Jews, the breakers of the covenants."

But as long as the perpetrator is an Egyptian Muslim, everyone applauds him, because it is normal for you to kill a Jew even if there is an agreement between you and him. 

Is this Islam? Let's be honest, Muslims

He added:

To those moles:

You brag that Islam commanded you to respect covenants and agreements...[yet] you applaud a person who betrayed the covenant and killed Israeli soldiers out of treachery. By God, people will not respect Islam, nor will they respect you if there is no strong condemnation of the terrorist act. Your respect for covenants is zero.

Cohen is right - this is exactly how Muslims would react if an Israeli went berserk and started shooting Muslims. Accusing Jews of being habitual breakers of agreements is a standard antisemitic trope in the Muslim world, based on a Quranic story of how a Jewish community broke a covenant with Mohammed.

The angry responses to Cohen's tweets prove that he is right. 

The interesting part is how popular Cohen is. When he tweets, Arabic media takes notice. These tweets were published by CNN Arabic.

Former IDF Arabic spokesperson Avichai Adraee is similarly popular on Arabic social media, but he is not as aggressive - his posts tend to be more celebrations of Israeli achievements and diversity than attacks on Arabs. But his posts also get headlines in Arabic media. 

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On Saturday, in a well-planned attack, an Egyptian policeman crossed over the border to Israel and murdered three IDF soldiers before being killed himself.

While Arabic-language media is reporting widely on this incident, and Palestinian media and social media is jubilant over the attack, there is not a word about it in any major Egyptian media.

The only passing mention I could find is in the English-language Daily News Egypt, which reported without skepticism the statement of the Egyptian army spokesman, a statement that has nothing to do with reality.

The statement said, “A security forces member, in charge of securing the international border line, breached on Saturday morning the security barrier and opened fire while chasing drug smugglers on the borders, which led to the death of three members of the Israeli forces and the injury of two others. The Egyptian security personnel was also shot dead....Appropriate legal measures will be taken based on the findings. Our condolences go out to the families of the deceased. We wish a speedy recovery to the injured.”   

That same spokesman later tweeted, "Lieutenant General / Mohamed Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production, made a phone call to the Israeli Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, to discuss the circumstances of today's accident, offer condolences to the victims of the accident on both sides, and joint coordination to take the necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents. these incidents in the future."

Yes, the Egyptian army offered condolences on the Egyptian murderer, calling him a victim.

There is no condemnation of the incident. They are officially calling it an "accident" and making up a story about the murderer chasing drug smugglers into Israeli territory, a complete lie.

Arabic-language tweeters celebrated the attack in the responses to this tweet, as well as elsewhere all over social media. They have been spreading fake photos of what they say was the attacker and his gun. (The attacker's name has not been released.) 

This is why you simply cannot trust Arabic media nor official statements from most Arab officials. Between official censorship and blatant disregard for the truth, they are all simply propaganda outlets. 

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From The Forward:
A new study is casting doubt on the idea, held by some but not most American Jews, that antisemitism is just as prevalent on the far left as it is on the far right. Though far more American Jews consider the far right as the greater antisemitic threat, some academics and Jewish leaders have embraced horseshoe theory — the idea the opposite ends of an ideological spectrum are similar — and applied it to antisemitism.

Though the Anti-Defamation League, for example, has identified the far right as far more threatening to American Jews, its leader, Jonathan Greenblatt, has compared far-left critics of Israel as the “photo inverse” of the extreme right.

While antisemitism on the right tends to focus on conspiracy theories about Jews being disloyal to white people or rejecting conservative values, on the left it’s often tied to blaming Jews for actions undertaken by Israel.

A paper published in June in the journal Political Research Quarterly found that anti-Jewish beliefs are far more popular in right-wing circles, particularly among young people. 

The results show that “there’s a problem on the young right,” said study author Eitan Hersh, an associate professor of political science at Tufts University. “It’s very interesting and, I think, concerning that we have this rare form of prejudice that is more common among young people and old people. It’s kind of shocking because if you look at other forms of prejudice, like racism, sexism, anti-gay attitudes, they’re just way higher among older people than younger people.”

For the study, a survey was sent to 3,500 American adults, 2,500 of them between the ages of 18 and 30. Respondents were asked to reply to a series of questions, such as whether they believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than the U.S.; if it’s appropriate to boycott Jewish-owned businesses to protest Israeli policies, and whether Jews have too much power. They were also asked questions to test for a double standard. For instance, one question would ask whether Jews who want to participate in activism must first denounce Israeli actions against Palestinians, and then a similar question was posed about Muslims denouncing a Muslim country’s actions. 

Hersh said he was surprised by the results. Those on the left were less likely than even political moderates to believe Jews were more loyal to Israel. They were also less likely than moderates to think Jews have too much power or that boycotting Jewish businesses to protest Israel was acceptable. Young adults who held the most conservative views were almost five times more likely to say it was acceptable to boycott Jewish businesses than those on the farthest left and almost 10 times more likely to say Jews had too much power. 
I'm not quite sure why this is being published now - the survey was published nearly a year ago.

The people behind the survey, while trying hard to make it as scientific as possible, are still missing the nature of modern antisemitism of the Left. So is The Forward.

The far-Left (in the US) is conditioned to be against traditional antisemitism. They know "hating Jews" is a bad thing. They know the Holocaust was a horrible event. Their visceral hatred for Nazis means that are never going to say that they will boycott Jewish-owned businesses or that Jews have too much power.

That is because they have replaced the object of their irrational hate from "Jew" to "Zionist."

The surveyors should have asked the identical questions across the same groups with the word "Zionists" instead of "Jews:"

1. US Zionists are more loyal to Israel than to America.
2. It is appropriate for opponents of Israel’s policies and actions to boycott Zionist American owned businesses in their communities.
3. Zionists in the United States have too much power.
Even though they don't want to admit it - certainly not to a survey - "Zionist" has become a useful replacement for "Jew" in their own bigotry. "Zionists" are excluded from progressive clubs, not "Jews" - but there is essentially no difference between the two. Jews are expected to denounce Israel as a precondition to being accepted in some campus spaces, but members of other religions aren't given the same demands. 

If the far-Left were given similar questions to those the ADL asks about Jews in their antisemitism surveys but using the word "Zionists" instead, then we would learn how congruent their hate is with right-wing antisemitism. In addition to the questions above, they should specify whether the responders agree:

Zionists have too much power in the business world
Zionists have too much power in international financial markets
Zionists talk too much about the Holocaust
Zionists don't care what happens to anyone but their own kind
Zionists have too much control over global affairs
Zionists have too much control over the United States government
Zionists think they are better than other people
Zionists have too much control over the global media
Zionists are responsible for most of the world's wars
People hate Jews because of the way Israel behaves
If far-Left responses to classic antisemitic tropes repurposed as "anti-Zionist" are similar to far-right answers to those tropes with Jews, that would be strong proof that the "horseshoe theory" is correct - and that the Left has simply recast Jews as "Zionist" while denying any connection between the two. The crazed prejudice is the same, just recast as a rational, political position rather than an irrational racist position. 

My theory that the far Left tries to bury antisemitic attitudes behind other concerns is supported by a survey done in 2021 that showed a correlation between education and antisemitism, using a brilliant methodology where the people being polled would not know that their answers would indicate prejudice - something the Left is sensitive to. 

I'm not saying that the far Left is just as antisemitic as the far-Right. We don't have the data. I'm saying that the methodologies in the surveys we know of that make the claim that there is little far-Left antisemitism have all been flawed. 

It would be similarly instructive to see the far-Right responses to the same questions on "Zionists," because while the Left tries to paint the right-wing antisemites as Zionist, the reality is, I believe, quite different (just look at David Duke's writings about Israel for an example.) 

Maybe I should raise the money for a proper survey to see if I am right or not. Because the professionals and academics are still missing the boat.

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Saturday, June 03, 2023

From Ian:

Three IDF soldiers killed in shootings carried out by Egyptian policeman
Two IDF soldiers were shot and killed in a security incident on the Israeli-Egyptian border early on Saturday morning, the IDF confirmed early on Saturday afternoon.

An additional third soldier was killed by the same terrorist several hours later in an exchange of fire.

The soldiers were identified as Sgt. Lia Ben-Nun, St.-Sgt. Uri Itzhak Ilouz and St.-Sgt. Ohad Dahan.

Ben-Nun and Ilouz were found lifeless at an IDF guard post sometime after 6 a.m. by members of their team who had been sent to check on their wellbeing after they failed to respond to their radios, an initial investigation has shown.

Following the discovery of their bodies, additional reinforcements arrived and a search operation was carried out in order to locate the perpetrator, who was believed to have infiltrated Israel from across the border at some point during the night.

The terrorist was later confirmed by the IDF to be an Egyptian police officer. The IDF added that it and the Egyptian military were conducting a thorough investigation.

Shortly after midday on Saturday, the IDF confirmed an exchange of fire between Israeli forces and the terrorist, who was killed in the exchange.

During the operation, Dahan was shot and killed, and an additional soldier was lightly injured. The injured soldier was hit in his hand by shrapnel but was released from the hospital in the late afternoon.

The Egyptian army later said in a statement that he was chasing drug smugglers, adding that "during the chase, the security man was involved in an exchange of fire that caused the deaths of three Israeli soldiers."

They did not add how the police officer ended up in a shootout with IDF soldiers when he should have been chasing drug smugglers.
Netanyahu Vows Inquiry Will Get to Bottom of ‘Anomalous’ Egypt Border Attack
The joint Israeli-Egyptian inquiry into the cross-border attack that saw a Egyptian policeman kill three Israeli soldiers will get to the bottom of the tragic and “anomalous” incident, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday.

The Israeli leader conveyed condolences to victims’ families and praised Israel Defense Forces troops for the swift action in eliminating the terrorist.
Troops killed along Egypt border named: Ohad Dahan, Lia Ben Nun, Ori Yitzhak Iluz
The three Israeli soldiers killed by an Egyptian policeman in attacks on the border on Saturday morning were named by the Israel Defense Forces as Staff Sgt. Ohad Dahan, Sgt. Lia Ben Nun, and Staff Sgt. Ori Yitzhak Iluz.

Dahan, 20, from the southern city of Ofakim, Ben Nun, 19, from the central city of Rishon Lezion, and Iluz, 20, from the northern city of Safed, all served as combat soldiers in the Bardelas Battalion.

They were posthumously promoted from the ranks of sergeant to staff sergeant and corporal to sergeant, respectively.

There are five mixed-gender infantry units within the IDF’s Border Defense Corps, which is responsible for defending Israel’s borders with Jordan, Egypt, as well as the West Bank security barrier. The Bardelas Battalion is tasked with the Egyptian border.

The circumstances of the incidents on Saturday, which occurred between Mount Sagi and Mount Harif in the Negev desert, were under investigation by the military, including how the gunman, an Egyptian policeman, managed to infiltrate Israel from Egypt and remain undetected for several hours before and after the initial attack.

According to IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, Ben Nun and Iluz began a 12-hour shift together at 9 p.m. on Friday night at a military post on the Egyptian border. After the soldiers did not answer calls on the radio on Saturday morning, an officer reached the scene and discovered the pair dead in separate areas of the post. Hagari said the IDF believed they were killed at around 6 or 7 a.m.

Several hours later, shortly before noon, the Egyptian policeman attacked troops who were scanning the area. During the clash, Dahan was killed and a non-commissioned officer was lightly wounded. The gunman was killed several minutes later by another group of soldiers, according to the military.

The IDF was investigating how and when the Egyptian attacker infiltrated into Israel, how he was not detected for several hours, and what the military could have done to prevent the deaths of the three soldiers.

Friday, June 02, 2023

From Ian:

The National Antisemitism Strategy Has No Clothes
There is a Hebrew maxim that reads “ve’haikar chaser min hasefer,” which roughly translates to: “The essential point is missing from the argument.” Or, to use more popular vernacular, “the emperor has no clothes.” This, in essence, is our central critique of the recently released U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism. For all its pomp and flair, the strategy misses some of the key forces driving antisemitism today and how to fight it effectively.

The lengthy, 60-page document offers a multiplicity of ways to counter the world’s oldest hatred. Many of these are quite positive, including its focus on beefing up security for Jewish institutions and the emphasis it places on education—a vital building block for any tolerant society.

But the positives it presents make the strategy all the more dangerous, as the good it espouses lends credibility to its fundamental weaknesses.

The most serious flaw is that the strategy lacks any real consideration of how anti-Zionism, the denial of the Jewish right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland, almost invariably manifests as a politically correct version of antisemitism, a version that is spiraling out of control in America today.

Unfortunately, the strategy gives cover to this contemporary iteration of antisemitism. It does so by including the fringe Nexus definition as a guide for identifying Jew hatred, alongside the globally accepted IHRA working definition. While IHRA equates anti-Zionism with antisemitism, Nexus provides several caveats allowing for opposition to the Jewish right to self-determination, as well as applying double standards to Israel, by declaring that “paying disproportionate attention to Israel and treating Israel differently than other countries is not prima facie proof of antisemitism.” Here the Nexus definition opens the antisemitism loopholes that IHRA was intended to close, thereby rendering the endorsement of IHRA entirely meaningless.

The denial of the Jewish right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland almost invariably manifests as a politically correct version of antisemitism.

Throughout the centuries, antisemitism has manifested in three distinct ways. Some—like Amalek in biblical times or the Nazis in the modern era—have focused their venom on the Jewish people, based on an almost instinctive, gut-level hatred. Their goal was to annihilate us, just because we existed.

Others have directed their hatred against our religion. A prime example is the Christian persecution of Jews during the Middle Ages. The Crusaders at the time denied any intention to murder Jews based on their peoplehood per se, but rather because they rejected the Christian faith. In the end, however, it became clear that their goal to destroy our fundamental beliefs was the equivalent of destroying the Jewish people.

Nowadays, a third type of Jew-hatred has emerged in the form of anti-Zionism. In this post-Holocaust world, targeting Jews because of a perceived ethnic identity is generally unacceptable. In order to circumvent this new barrier, attacks have shifted focus and now largely target the State of Israel. What many do not understand, is that denying Jews their homeland uproots a fundamental pillar of our peoplehood.
Melanie Phillips: The Biden administration’s anti-antisemitism travesty
Last month, it emerged that Google’s head of diversity, Kamau Bob, had said in a 2007 blog post about the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict that Jewish people had “an insatiable appetite for war and killing” and an “insensitivity” to suffering. Although Google has now removed Bob from his post (but hasn’t fired him), the remark was a graphic illustration of the symbiosis between Jew-hatred and the DEI agenda.

Kenneth L. Marcus, the founder and chairman of the Brandeis Centre for the Protection of Human Rights Under Law, has said that in the DEI programs, “we’re seeing anti-Jewish stereotypes, biases, defamations, separation of Jews from other groups and so-called ‘erasive antisemitism,’ which is to say denial of what it means to have a Jewish identity.”

Last December, a Heritage Foundation report showed that the private social-media accounts of DEI officers at university campuses displayed virulent feelings against Israel, compared to generally positive feelings towards the People’s Republic of China. The authors noted that 96% of the tweets about Israel were critical, while 62% of the tweets about China were favorable.

The word genocide was associated with Israel nine times, “ethnic cleansing” seven times, and the accusation that Israel specifically targeted children was made 27 times. The report observed that “DEI staff have an obsessive and irrational animus toward the Jewish state.”

DEI doctrine has redefined “hatred” to include mere offense, upset or insult. Yet it itself promotes hatred of Jews and Israel while also vilifying white people and Western civilization.

Shockingly, this agenda is promoted, supported and endorsed by liberal American Jews.

These Jews refuse to acknowledge the disproportionate part played in today’s antisemitism by Muslims and African-Americans. They refuse to condemn “the Squad.” They refuse to denounce Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam who embodies the nexus between black and Muslim antisemitism.

Instead, they smear anyone who does point out this nexus as Islamophobic or racist, while swooning over the Biden administration’s anti-antisemitism travesty.

Jewish community leaders in Britain similarly deny the reality of Muslim Jew-hatred and demonize those who point it out.

The doctrine of intersectionality has fueled Muslim antisemitism and helped advance the Islamist onslaught on the West, courtesy of liberal Jews.

The IHRA definition has merely given a new sheet of music to the orchestra on the Titanic to play as the ship goes down.
J’accuse: US Jewish leadership is failing to defend the community - opinion
WHAT HAPPENED to the West’s Jews? As the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explained, antisemitism is a virus that morphs predictably: Whatever is any society’s worst sin, that is what the Jews are charged with. In the religious epoch, Jews were the killers of the Christian God. When race “science” – eugenics – was all the rage, Jews were racial vermin. In capitalist societies, the Jews were hated as communists; in communist societies, we were despised as capitalist exploiters. When having a nation-state was the way normal people expressed their values, Jews were cursed as rootless cosmopolites. And so today, when globalism and internationalism are the reigning virtues, Jews are cursed for their state.

Once we were tainted, stripped of having the moral high ground – which, for a while, the guilt and shame from the Holocaust provided – all hell could be loosed against us. Well, the virus mutated into anti-Israelism, or Palestinianism, and Jews worldwide are tainted as oppressors. The “new antisemitism” pierced our post-Holocaust shield.

The Jewish establishment left us practically defenseless in the face of this new mutant strain, and that is why – I know it’s a serious charge – we are in this awful situation.

To make matters worse, a new “woke-progressive” ideology that is undeniably and inevitably anti-Jewish has defeated classical liberalism in many key institutions and has become an accelerant to the mounting antisemitism.

Classic liberalism believes in equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion and/or sexual orientation. It welcomed and supported Jewish life in America. The new ideology – which goes by many names: woke, progressivism, political correctness, intersectionality, etc. – insists instead on equal results. If there are fewer Black or Latino lawyers proportional to their numbers in society than there are white or Jewish lawyers, that proves that society is unjust and racist. Those who achieved success did so by exploiting the underachieving minorities. Success in life is proof that you have oppressed or have benefited by the oppression of Blacks, Latinos, women, homosexuals, etc. As Jews are among the most successful, we are by implication the biggest oppressors.

And all of this ideology is being taught in American public schools. Its principles are required in law schools, medical schools, corporate boards. Fewer and fewer Jews are getting into Ivy League schools, fewer are being hired by corporations, and fewer are sitting on boards of philanthropies.

The Jewish establishment is now fully trapped. It put all our eggs into the imploding liberal basket. It made alliances with all the minority groups, and now these very groups have turned on us and have become Palestinianists and antisemitic. Our leaders are flummoxed and confused. They need to be pressured, convinced, humiliated and shamed to do a massive rethink.

To help organize grassroots activists to challenge and change our leadership, we created The Jewish Leadership Project (www.jewishleadershipproject.org). Our book prescribes steps that our leaders must take to stem the tide of animus.

We are in danger at a watershed moment. But we are an accomplished community, with very talented individuals. We can and must find proud, brave and competent leadership to secure a better Jewish future.


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