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From Ian:

The Shoah Was Brought about by Anti-Semitism, Not “Hate”
In 2018, Jewish students at a pluralistic community high school participated in a project called “We Will Not Be Silenced,” a week-long commemoration of the Holocaust. To broach this topic, this prestigious school focused on Kristallnacht, the 1938 pogrom carried out by the Nazi Party against the Jews of Germany. The interactive project compelled students to write on small pieces of paper the things about which they would not be silent as a result of Kristallnacht. The following are examples of what students chose to write. On note cards bearing the heading “I will not be silent in the face of,” students wrote “homophobia,” “trans violence,” “gun violence,” “environmental degradation,” “rape culture,” “sexism,” “racism,” and “any hate.” Not one student wrote “anti-Semitism,” the very reason that Kristallnacht occurred.

An essential question surfaces: why not? What occurred pedagogically in the classroom that encouraged students to walk away with knowledge that in no way expressed the main undercurrent of the Nazi regime?

One should be shocked by this. But taking stock of the field of Holocaust education, the answers yielded by the students are not in any way exceptional. They reflect the fact that Holocaust education—very simply—is not working. Far worse, it has been usurped by individuals with very specific learning objectives, one of which is to universalize the Holocaust to such a degree so as to render its particular history abstract—almost irrelevant.

The universalization of the Holocaust did not occur overnight. Historically, in the immediate post-war years, awareness of the Nazi atrocities began to grow. One of the first testimonies, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, published in 1952, slowly became a staple of Holocaust literature in public schools. Elie Wiesel’s memoir, Night, joined Anne Frank’s diary in the hope of serving as eternal witnesses to the Holocaust.

The first state to mandate Holocaust curriculum was Illinois in 1990. It is important to note that initial efforts, as reported in a 2006 study on the “State of Holocaust Education in the State of Illinois,” produced eight major findings as a result of teaching the Holocaust, one of which was “a wide array of topics such as death camps, anti-Semitism, Hitler’s rise to power, non-Jewish victims, creation of the state of Israel, and the U.S.’s response to the Holocaust is being taught in Illinois high schools.” It would seem, therefore, that, initially, the architects of Holocaust curriculum seemed to grasp the singular nature of the subject. Using the state of Illinois as a case study, a major shift occurred in 2005, when the legislature mandated that Holocaust education include “other cases of genocide.” Other states slowly followed suit. Before 2016, only seven states required Holocaust education in schools. In the past seven years, eighteen more have passed Holocaust education mandates. And yet, anti-Semitism in the United States is at an all-time high. For example, the phrase “Hitler was right” was posted online more than 17,000 times over the course of just one week in 2022 alone.

All in all, the belief that Holocaust education is an effective antidote to hate is not consistent with reality, mostly due to its universalization. Take, for example, a person who condemns the “Israelization” of American domestic policy, or says that Israel is a “colonial” state guilty of “state terror” and “is waging a war against civilians.” That same person claims “it is certainly true that one universal truth about the Holocaust” is that “there is value in seeing analogies and perhaps hidden similarities” between it and the “Palestinian disaster.” Do we really think this person does not know about the Holocaust? Was his problem really a lack of knowledge, or something much darker?
Holocaust education: Learn resilience, strength from survivors
Recently, I was asked why the topic of Holocaust education is so important to me. I sat there thinking, trying to decide my answer. Eighty years later and what have we learned? What have we, as a nation, accomplished?

Elie Wiesel stated that “those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” Therefore, as a nation and as a world, we have days dedicated to Holocaust remembrance and genocide awareness. But do we, as a nation, understand what that means and reflect on its importance more than once or twice a year?

It’s not just about remembering what happened but about us learning and, as a nation and a world community, doing better for humanity, equality and acceptance.

In 2022 alone, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported over 3,000 cases of antisemitism in the United States alone. The world has not learned but neither have we.

When we take a day to remember the Holocaust, we should not just remember that one time. We should be active in fighting for our nation and in being role models to others.
Wikipedia disciplines editors in Holocaust distortion dispute but sidesteps debate over Polish complicity
Wikipedia has banned three editors from working on articles related to Jewish history in Poland during World War II, in a bid to resolve editing disputes and safeguard its credibility.

But the online encyclopedia stopped short of taking more aggressive action in response to allegations of widespread Holocaust distortion on the platform.

The decision, handed down Saturday, concludes more than two months of deliberation by Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee, which acts as Supreme Court over the community of volunteers who edit the website.

The Arbitration Committee had opened an investigation in response to an unprecedented academic study concluding that a group of editors had gamed Wikipedia’s rules to introduce content that absolves Poland of blame for antisemitism and Jewish suffering during the Holocaust, in line with the ultranationalist view prevailing in the country.

In keeping with Wikipedia’s accountability framework and to the dismay of the study’s authors, the committee didn’t take a position on the underlying dispute over Polish antisemitism and complicity with the Nazis. The committee instead concluded that then editors did not adhere to the community’s code of conduct.

The committee’s conclusion “entirely missed the mark,” said Shira Klein, a history professor at Chapman University whose study, written with University of Ottawa historian Jan Grabowski, triggered the investigation.

Klein said that by avoiding the issue of historical truth and focusing on civility, Wikipedia sent a clear message: “There’s no problem with falsifying the past; just be nice about it.”
  • Tuesday, May 23, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
From The Palestine Post, May 24, 1948:

The shooters were never found. A Jewish nurse treating him before his death says that he said he was shot by Arabs (NYT 6/5/48) , and a United Press reporter also said that Wasson told him that the snipers were Arab (NYT 5/27/48):

Wikipedia says that others blamed a Jewish sniper, but the evidence is weak indeed -an American Colony resident who wrote in her diary "We heard today the U.S. Consul General Mr. Robert [sic] Wasson was shot by Jews on Friday and died today." but she took out the "we heard" in a 1960 book; also Amman diplomats blamed Israel, and they are not exactly the most reliable reporters. 

The preponderance of known evidence shows that he was killed by Arab snipers. 

The other American mentioned in the Palestine Post article, Herbert Walker, was killed in a separate incident from machine gun bullets:

I'm fairly certain that the Haganah in Jerusalem had no machine guns in May 1948, indicating that Walker was also killed by Arabs.

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  • Elder of Ziyon
A side comment in an article in Saudi Arabia's al-Riyadh newspaper: "It would not be inaccurate if we say that the Jews are among the most cunning people, and the most experienced in lying."

And an article in the Palestinian/Jordanian  Sawaleif today says:
The Jews are behind every vice and behind every crime. The Holy Qur’an is the first and most accurate of psychology in analyzing the aggressive personality of the Jew, and more eloquent than philosophers in explaining his deviant behavior, as it revealed the deception of this people and their bad faith and exposed their lies. 

Meh. They have nothing on Iraqi site Buratha.

This article published there today might be in the top ten of crazed Arab antisemitic articles I've seen.

It is by a Yemeni writer  Abdul Malik Sam.

It's headline calls Jews a cancer....and goes on from there. 

Come with me and meet the dirtiest of the human race, and they - as you know - despite their small number, are considered "too much" for us, and for our simple, peaceful planet.. They need a larger galaxy to be alone in, and I am sure that this galaxy will not contain all of their evil .. I know that you feel disgusted from meeting these faces full of malice and meanness...

 If a person loves money, then the Jews worship him, and one of the witnesses to this matter is when they sold their children to Hitler so that they could find a justification for European Jews to migrate to Arab countries.

I do not deceive anyone, and you can go back to their history and you will discover who got Hitler, who was sentenced to death from his prison, then supported his party to sweep the arena in just two years, then financed the German economy to become the strongest economy in Europe in just a few years ... Then they built arms factories, and supported all parties, and this war did not end until the Jews became the kings of the economy in the world!


Who controls the financial markets today? Who runs the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank? Who is the sect that controls the media, and is accused of monopolizing technology and arms factories? Who is the first accused of spreading religious, ethnic and political conflicts around the world? Who are the biggest investors in the US economy yesterday, and in the Chinese economy today? Who created the systems that control the energy market? Who made a rich world in the north without resources, and a world with resources but poor in the global south?

All these questions make our study of numbers a mere waste of time sometimes, and the truth is that what really matters to the Jews is "control of minds", and therefore they were interested from the beginning in controlling the media, education and scientific research; Through it, they were able to control people's tastes in food, clothing, and interests, and through it they were able to control tensions, conflicts, and wars, and you will not find anyone benefiting from any global event as they do!

Notice with me.. They do not need Palestine. If they wanted, they would have bought another country for them to settle in, but what they aspire to is to get rid of us, and end God’s religion, which stands as a stumbling block in the way of completing their project. They distorted Christianity as they distorted Judaism before, and they were able to strike Islam and weaken its followers as a prelude to its eradication, after which the space will be clear for them to announce their new religion, and indeed they have begun to spread Satan-worshipping churches in separate parts of Europe and America. Ominous!

Most of the famous American companies and banks are run by Jewish families, the most famous media and cinema agencies belong to Jews, and even successful new projects (STARTUPS) are acquired by Jewish holding companies! This reminds us of the description given to these people that they are actually cancerous glands! 
You can learn so much from Arabic language media!

As usual, pure hatred of Jews in Arabic media doesn't faze anyone.

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From Ian:

PMW: Murderers of 3 Israeli women are “heroic Jihad fighters” - according to PA/Fatah
Over a month ago, Israeli-British Lucy Dee and two of her daughters, Maia and Rina Dee, aged 48, 20, and 15 respectively, were brutally murdered while driving in the Jordan Valley.

Two Palestinian Hamas terrorists, Hassan Qatanani and Moaz Al-Masri, shot at their car, killing the young women instantly, while their mother succumbed to her wounds a few days later.

Having vowed that no murderer of Israelis should ever feel safe, Israeli forces tracked down and killed the terrorists and their accomplice Ibrahim Jaber who was hiding them in his apartment in Nablus, on May 4, 2023.

As Palestinian Media Watch has documented it is PA/Fatah policy to side with terrorists including terrorist murderers and so too in this case.

PA Chairman Abbas’ spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina “condemned the ongoing invasions of the cities and the daily crimes of murdering our people, the latest of which was the ascent [to Heaven] of 3 Martyrs [Hassan Qatanani, Moaz Al-Masri, and Ibrahim Jaber] in the old city of Nablus.” [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 5, 2023]

PA Prime Minister Shtayyeh not only “condemned the Israeli act of aggression due to which 3 Martyrs ascended to Heaven” [WAFA, official PA news agency, May 4, 2023] and “called on the European Union to condemn the occupation’s crimes.” [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 5, 2023] He even shared a post by the PA Government’s Spokesman Ibrahim Melhem with praise and pictures of the murderers and their helper:

Terrorist murderer Moaz Al-Masri (left), terrorist murderer Hassan Qatanani (upper right), and terrorist Ibrahim Jaber (bottom right), who hid them in his apartment. Posted text: “Glory and eternity to our righteous Martyrs, and shame on the criminal occupation.

This morning [May 4, 2023], the occupation renewed its attack against our people in Nablus, and 3 Martyrs ascended to Heaven. They are: Moaz Al-Masri, Hassan Qatanani, and Ibrahim Jaber.”

[PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, Facebook page, May 4, 2023]
David Singer: Islamic Jihad may ease way for Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine
The decapitation of Islamic Jihad’s senior leadership in Gaza should help facilitate negotiations to successfully implement the creation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine and end 100 years of conflict between Jews and Arabs.

The current conflict between Israel and Islamic Jihad was initiated when 100 rockets and mortars were fired into Israel from Gaza by Islamic Jihad following the death of a senior Islamic Jihad figure – Khader Adnan - after an 87 day hunger strike in an Israeli jail.

A targeted counter-response by Israel killed three Islamic Jihad commanders. A further 1000 missiles fired into Israel saw another three Islamic Jihad leaders eliminated by Israel.

A fragile ceasefire now exists.

Hamas stayed out of this current conflict – but threatened to enter the fray if Israelis hold a Flag March through Jerusalem on 19 May to commemorate the reunification of Jerusalem following the 1967 Six Day War. It, however, refrained from any action and the flag march took place.

Israel and Islamic Jihad last clashed in August 2022 – when Hamas also did not become involved.

The Saudi-based Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine solution published on 8 June 2022 – and subsequently amended – provides:

“The proposal for this expanded kingdom includes Jordan with its current borders, the Gaza Strip, and the 'West Bank' (areas inhabited by Palestinians that border Jordan, which means that they are not divided into islands). Hence the Israeli arguments about the need to preserve the Jordan Valley and other areas will become weak since these lands will then be under the control of a Jordanian government that has the credibility of keeping the peace with Israel. And the usual Israeli claim that it has no "peace partner" will also end.

Neither the PLO nor Hamas shall govern the new entity - whose capital will be located in Amman – not Jerusalem, which will become the capital of Israel only.

The ‘Nakba’ and How it Grew
Along with “apartheid” used as an adjective – as in “Israel is an apartheid state” – haters of Israel have taken to referring to the “Nakba,” the Arabic word for “catastrophe.”

The “Nakba” is the word the Arabs now use to describe the failure in the 1948 war of five Arab armies to destroy the Jews of Israel, by expelling or killing every last one. That, of course, is not how the Arabs put it to the Western world: they claim the “Nakba” refers to the defeat of the Arabs who had intervened only to help their Palestinian brothers hold onto the land that had been theirs for centuries, land that the “Zionist entity” was stealing for itself.

More on the history of the “Nakba” can be found here: “The Nakba Narrative: A History of Deception,” by Chaim Lax, Honest Reporting, May 8, 2023:
“‘The Nakba’ is repeatedly invoked in the media, academic literature, politics, and popular culture surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Its appearance is so ubiquitous at this point, that it seems like it has always been part of the general lexicon.

“However, that is not the case.

“Here, we’ll look at the significance of the term ‘Nakba,’ the history of the term from 1948 until the present, how this Arabic term gained popularity around the world, and the new adoption of the term to refer to anti-Jewish persecution by the Arab and Muslim worlds.

“In Arabic, the term ‘al-Nakba’ means ‘the catastrophe.’ In the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the catastrophe that the ‘Nakba’ is referring to is the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, and the disintegration of Palestinian Arab life in Israel.

“For those who adopt this narrative, the Zionist movement and Israel are solely responsible for the displacement of Palestinian Arabs between 1947 and 1949, while the Arabs themselves are the exclusive victims of the conflict.

“By failing to take into account the Palestinian and Arab refusal to accept a two-state solution in 1947 and the subsequent military attempt to destroy the Jewish state, the Nakba narrative advances the claim of perpetual Palestinian victimhood and serves as a historical basis for the Palestinian ‘right of return.’”
  • Tuesday, May 23, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
Felesteen reports that some Jewish groups are asking Israel to allow them to visit the Temple Mount on Friday, which is the holiday of Shavuot. On normal Fridays the Temple Mount is off-limits to Jews and the chances seem pretty low that they would be successful, but that request is causing alarm to the Palestinian Arabs who demand the holy site be Judenrein all the time.

The Hamas-linked newspaper then asked "experts" what Shavuot is about, anyway.

And we then see some epic Palsplaining.

Fakhri Abu Diab, who is a popular pundit in Palestinian media, said "the occupation uses religious occasions as a pretext, to try to exclude Muslims from the mosque, and they want to prove a false narrative, in an attempt to find a link between the Jewish holidays and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, so that the world is brainwashed with a false history."

He said that the "Talmudists" claim Shavuot is the day the Torah was revealed, pointing out that “this biblical holiday has nothing to do with Al-Aqsa Mosque and has no spatial connection with it, and they claim that the Torah was in a place called the Holy of Holies, inside the Temple, to prove their entitlement to Al-Aqsa Mosque, and to provoke the feelings of Muslims."

Abu Diab then noted that Shavuot is a harvest festival, and "the Talmudics eat only vegetables and dried fruits, cheese and dairy products on this day." 

He added that "the settlers are trying during this day to enter the area wearing priestly clothing, claiming that the priests were taking crops and milk on this day, following the revelation of the Torah inside the Temple Mount.

"The intensification of the raids, under the pretext of celebrating religious occasions, is a plan to get the Jerusalem Arab and Islamic street accustomed to these incursions and the Jewish presence in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and it is part of an attempt to impose rituals, agenda, and biblical narratives on the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque," he asserted.

Abu Diab continued,  "This holiday is derived from paganism and the Roman civilization that existed thousands of years ago," 

Hey, he's the expert!

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  • Tuesday, May 23, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
The Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs has started a major diplomatic initiative to pressure Israel to release Walid Daqqa, a prisoner who has cancer.

Their diplomats worldwide have been instructed to contact international bodies, especially the International Red Cross, to claim that Daqqa is the victim of "deliberate medical negligence" and is suffering greatly.

The do not mention why he is in prison.

Moshe Tamam hy"d
On August 6th, 1984, 19 year old soldier Moshe Tamam was hitchhiking home for a weekend leave to spend time with his family in Netanya. He first visited his girlfriend in Tiberias, and then took the bus towards Tel Aviv. At the Beit Leed Junction he got off and hitched a ride with four Israeli-Arabs from Baka El Garbiya.

These Israeli Arabs were members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine who had been tasked with kidnapping an Israeli soldier to smuggle to Syria for a prisoner exchange.

For two days, Moshe Tamam was held in a house on the outskirts of Baka El Garbiya.  When the terrorists realized that they could not get him across the border into Syria, they decided to kill him.

First they gouged out Moshe’s eyes, and then they mutilated him by cutting off parts of his body starting with his sexual organs. Finally, they shot him in the chest, and dumped his body in an olive grove near Jenin.  Moshe’s mutilated body was discovered on August 10th. The DFLP immediately claimed responsibility for the heinous murder.

Daqqa is a hero and a celebrity to Palestinians. Palestinian NGO Al Haq describes him as an "writer, activist, intellectual, and political prisoner." 

Daqqa is an Israeli citizen, from Baqa Al-Gharbiya, which Al Haq calls a "Palestinian city."

He has written about how the "torture" in Israeli prisons is worse than places like Tazmamart, Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo: "In Israeli prisons you face a harder form of torture, because it is 'civilised'; it turns your own senses and mind into tools of daily torture, quietly creeping without any club, without making any noise… the state of losing the ability to interpret reality, the feeling of impotence and the loss of initiative."

In other words, it is a normal prison. There is no torture, there is only the loss of freedom, which  is the entire point of prison. 

And his own life disproves his slanders. Since Daqqa has been in prison, he has graduated with two degrees and he has written books. He also reportedly smuggled out his sperm to the wife he married while in prison and she gave birth. 

The monster  who tortured and sadistically murdered Moshe Tamam in Baqa Al-Gharbiya claims to be an "authority" on how Israel tortures its prisoners - by not torturing them. 

This disgusting piece of garbage was transferred to an Israeli hospital yesterday. 

UPDATE (4/9/2024): The mutilation accusation has not been verified.

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  • Tuesday, May 23, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
"People Against Gangsterism and Drugs," PAGAD, started in the 1990s as a primarily Muslim group meant to help the government fight the illegal drug trade in Cape Town, South Africa. Soon, though, they became vigilantes, widely believed to be responsible for a series of bombings and assassinations through the decade - including bombing synagogues. They were eventually labeled a terrorist organization by the South African government. 

PAGAD kept a low profile for a couple of decades, but they have re-emerged - and their main targets seem to have changed from drug dealers to Jews.

They just issued this press release (excerpts)

People Against Gangsterism & Drugs, Sunday, 21 May 2023 
PAGAD support the UCT Palestine Solidarity Forum... 

We, PAGAD, recognize the growing threat of the Zionist community in South Africa and, more specifically, in Cape Town. We are astutely aware that Zionist organizations are becoming increasingly vocal in their celebration of a terrorist, apartheid regime. 

Recently, our intelligence sector has actively been investigating the Zionist network in South Africa. We reveal that they, like in the Ukraine, are setting up a 'Little Israel' in Cape Town. Zionist criminals who served in the Israeli army (IDF) are roaming our streets freely, in contravention of the law. They have established a paramilitary-type organization called the CSO (Community Security Organisation), and even a medical unit. There is also an active illegal soldier recruitment programme, that is facilitated and organized at the Israel Centre in Hatfield Road, Cape Town. 

We urge our government to prosecute these South African recruits serving in the IDF, killing our children.. Just like we have continually offered our support to the Metro Police force in assisting with the drug and gangsterism problem, today we offer our support to arrest Zionist criminals too. All the evidence were presented to the Prosecuting Authority to show that these Zionists are contravening the Foreign Military Assistance Act; yet the lack of action by the authority shows the public that the Western Cape Government is indeed complicit in the harboring of criminals. This complicity is likely to lead members of the public to take matters into their own hands — by making citizen's arrests of those people who serves in the IDF, commits crimes in Palestine, then return to South Africa and other countries. Private criminal prosecutions could also follow thereafter. 

...'Israeli' citizens, with their dual citizenship, are ready to flee Palestine when eventually required to do so; and regards Cape Town as their safe haven. The axis of resistance in South Africa, hereby, sends a clear warning that we will not allow criminals to settle in our affluent areas and occupy our businesses, schools and universities. 

This statement is merely a warning. We are closely monitoring the Zionist establishments and organizations operating in South Africa. We have confidence in the organizations and individuals based on truth and justice who are leading the solidarity campaign, and we offer our full support in decentralizing the struggle against Satanic Zionist 'Israel'. ...
We urge the international community not to support businesses or organisations that fund relationships (whether it be sports, cultural, economic, political, social, etc) with Satanic Zionist 'Israel'. Furthermore, we ask the Muslim Community to withdraw their Halaal Certification from those organisations who supports Satanic Zionist 'Israel'. 

Finally, we salute our allies nationally and internationally, our leaders in the various structures, our donors, and the soldiers on the ground fighting for a South Africa - free from the vices of the Zionist world order (one being gangsterism and drugs). 
The People Against Gangsterism & Drugs 
This "anti-Zionist" organization is clearly targeting Jews. The Community Security Organization is meant to protect synagogues, schools and events from attack, and Israel or Zionism isn't even mentioned on the Cape Town branch webpage.  South African Jews who served in the IDF are doing nothing illegal when they visit home. They are demanding that Muslims to take away Halal certification from Jewish-owned businesses, since how would they know that businesses are "Zionist"?

And there is little doubt that anyone who says that gangsterism and drugs are th "vices of the Zionist World Order" is quite obviously attacking Jews with age-old tropes. No one is fooled by the term "Zionist World Order."

Only a couple of weeks ago, PAGAD held a protest outside the Jewish high school. And last week they proudly displayed a terrorist Hamas flag at another protest.

Also recently, Cape Town "anti-Zionists" were heard chanting, "One Zionist - One Bullet," a clear death threat to the South African Jewish community. 

These are direct threats against the Cape Town Jewish community.  And no one seems to care, because when antisemites call themselves "anti-Zionist" too many people regard it as a "get out of jail free" card.

(h/t Steve)

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Monday, May 22, 2023

From Ian:

Seeking Jerusalem
The prophets command that the Jewish People constantly seek Jerusalem. "This is Zion, whose welfare is sought by none" laments Jeremiah (30:17). "From here we learn the obligation of 'derisha', of seeking the welfare of Jerusalem," teaches the Talmud.

Even today, as fortunate guardians of the restored capital of the Jewish people under Israeli sovereignty, there is a great deal of "derisha," seeking, to be done.

Firstly, Israelis and Jews everywhere must pay more attention to Jerusalem. To be more involved, to care, to build and develop, never to take for granted. To visit. An astonishingly sad fifty percent of young Israelis visit the national capital for their first time only when drafted into the IDF!

Outside of the primary schools and the Bnei Akiva Religious-Zionist youth movement not too many Israelis last week took note of Jerusalem Day, missing an opportunity to step forward and rediscover Israel's historic national lodestone.

It is time to make Jerusalem Day a formal civic holiday, like Independence Day.

"Derisha" also means imposition of a moral obligation, the requirement to live up to a certain heavenly standard that is implicit in the city of peace. "For Zion shall be redeemed in justice, and her returnees in charity – this is what God seeks of you" (Isaiah 1:27).

It must be asked: Are Israelis/Jews sensitive enough in Jerusalem to the plight of the poor, the unemployed, the orphan, the battered woman, the new immigrant, and the minority resident? Is Israel's justice system sufficiently suffused with knowledge of Jewish values alongside democratic norms?

Seeking Jerusalem also means ruling the city wisely. This involves curbing the activities of radical Islamic and hostile nationalist forces in Jerusalem, investing significantly to generously advance and integrate the eastern (mostly Arab) sectors of the city, expanding the geographical boundaries of the city to build at least 100,000 new homes for young couples, expanding the business base of the city, and cleaning it up.
Lahav Harkov: Poland cannot silence Noa Kirel, or any Israelis, about the Holocaust
Instead of confronting this complexity, that while millions of non-Jewish Poles were killed in World War II and over 7,000 Poles are recognized as saving Jews there were still Polish collaborators with the Nazis and Poles who inflicted violence upon Jews in their midst, the Polish government wants to censor anyone who talks about it. Their bullying campaign includes pop singers, historians - like Jan Grabowski, who faces legal battles in Poland - and journalists.

The suppression and elision of pertinent historic details about the Holocaust is a form of Holocaust denial, even if Jablonski is not comfortable with the assertion. In fact, he responded to that assertion, made by this reporter on Twitter, by taking his Holocaust distortion even further, claiming that talking about the role of Poles in the Holocaust is “outrageous theories that Jews are somehow self-responsible for the Holocaust - because some Jewish individuals also collaborated.” No, the argument is not that Poles killed themselves; the argument is that large numbers of them took part in killing the Jews in their midst.

Never go full Mahmoud Abbas if you don’t want to be accused of Holocaust denial.

What Warsaw doesn’t seem to realize is that, while the government may want to get diplomatic relations on track, and there is nothing wrong with that in theory, Cohen did not sign a censorship agreement.

Jablonski tweeted that he is optimistic that relations with Israel and Poland and Jews and Poland will grow stronger. That can only be the case if he does not seek to silence Israelis and Jews. Israelis are not ignorant or uneducated about the Holocaust and they’re not going to stop talking about what happened to our relatives in Poland, whether by the hand of the Nazis, which is statistically more likely to be the case, or by Poles, before, during or after Nazi occupation.

Rabbi Dee Considering $1.3 Billion Lawsuit Against CNN Over Amanpour Terror Coverage
Rabbi Leo Dee, whose wife and two daughters were murdered in a terror attack, is considering a $1.3 billion lawsuit against CNN over their international anchor Christiane Amanpour describing the terror attack as a “shootout.”

Dee made the announcement via video during a May 21 event at The Carlebach Shul in New York titled, “Antisemitism: Is There No Solution?” as part of the third annual Yoav Boteach Memorial Lecture series, in honor of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s late father. Dee was speaking alongside Boteach, Elisha Wiesel, chairman of the board of the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, and Rabbi Naftali Citron. Media watchdog HonestReporting had reported that Amanpour had said during an April 10 interview with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh, “We have a young 15-year-old Palestinian boy who’s been shot and killed by security — Israeli security forces. We also have the mother of two sisters, Israeli British sisters. They were — they were killed in a shootout, and now the mother has died of her injury — injuries.”

“A shootout is two sides firing at each other,” HonestReporting tweeted on May 11. “A mother & her two daughters were shot at close range by Palestinian terrorists. @amanpour, you owe a grieving family an apology.”

During the event, which was livestreamed on Boteach’s Facebook and Instagram pages, Dee showed attendees an email he received from Amanpour where she apologized to him, claiming she “misspoke.” Amanpour also offered her condolences and said there was no “ill intent” on her part. Dee responded with a lengthy email saying he did not accept her apology because she spread false information to millions of people and asked her to apologize publicly; he claimed to have received no reply from her.

“It’s funny, CNN will correct the misspelling of someone’s name publicly, as will The New York Times, but CNN won’t correct this,” Boteach told the Journal.

Dee then claimed to have received a call from CNN Jerusalem Bureau Chief Richard Allen Greene separately apologizing for Amanpour’s error. Dee asked Greene if he understood the difference between his family being murdered by Palestinian terrorists and Israeli forces neutralizing the threat of Palestinian terrorists. Dee alleged that Greene replied, “I am not in a position to make a judgment” due to his position as a journalist. Dee had previously been interviewed by CNN on-air in April, and the segment ended with CNN London Bureau Anchor Christina MacFarlane saying, “Just as we heard Rabbi Dee’s story, coming up we’ll hear similar stories from Palestinians.” Dee excoriated CNN for drawing a false “moral equivalency,” telling The Jewish Chronicle at the time: “There is no equivalent on the Israeli side. I don’t know of any Israeli terrorist who has murdered Palestinians in cold blood in almost 30 years.”
SUCCESS: Amanpour Apologizes for ‘Shootout’ Comment after HonestReporting campaign
CNN’s top anchor Christiane Amanpour issued a public apology on her show on Monday for calling the murders of an Israeli mother and her daughters a “shootout,” following a 10-day campaign by HonestReporting that made waves around the world.

“On April 10, I referred to the murders of an Israeli family: Lucy, Maia and Rina Dee, the wife and daughters of Rabbi Leo Dee,” Amanpour said. “I misspoke and said they were killed in a ‘shootout’ instead of a shooting. I have written to Rabbi Leo Dee to apologize and make sure that he knows that we apologize for any further pain that may have caused him.”

On May 11, HonestReporting exposed an offensive throwaway comment by Amanpour during an interview with the Palestinian prime minister on her show the previous month.

According to Amanpour:
We have a young 15-year-old Palestinian boy who’s been shot and killed by security — Israeli security forces. We also have the mother of two sisters, Israeli British sisters. They were — they were killed in a shootout, and now the mother has died of her injury — injuries.

HonestReporting’s tweet calling for an apology, which included video footage of Amanpour saying that Lucy Dee and her daughters Maia and Rina “were killed in shootout,” has reached nearly a million views.

Upon seeing our expose, Lucy’s widower, Rabbi Leo Dee, issued a statement exclusively to HonestReporting, echoing our call for an immediate apology. That tweet has racked up a further 137,000 views, indicating significant public outrage at Amanpour and CNN.

HonestReporting contacted CNN to demand a public apology.

A spokesperson for CNN subsequently informed us that Amanpour had written privately to Rabbi Dee, who confirmed to us that he had, indeed, received an email expressing heartfelt condolences and apologizing for the pain that her words had caused.
  • Monday, May 22, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon

On Monday, the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that an “extraordinary” meeting of the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation will be held on Wednesday. 

The topic? "To discuss the Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque."

In English, that means that Israel allows Jews to roam respectfully, quietly and freely on the perimeter of the holy site. 

The statement indicated that the meeting comes "at the request of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the State of Palestine."

The ministry stated that it will be held at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on May 24.

The "extraordinary" meeting will be for the executive committee of the organization.

Those Jews just keep acting like they aren't second-class citizens, meekly following Arab and Muslim dictates. This is unacceptable!

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Read all about it here!



  • Monday, May 22, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon

Last week, at the UN, PA president Mahmoud Abbas said that there were no historic Jewish ties to the Temple Mount, falsely claiming that Israeli archaeologists keep looking but cannot find any evidence.

This was an ad-lib; it was not in his prepared speech. One could perhaps dismiss that as a rant of an 87 year old man on the verge of senility. Certainly the world media didn't bother to even report on this absurd claim.

But the much younger, Western-educated prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohammad Shtayyeh, has outdone Abbas at his weekly cabinet meeting today.

In his opening statement, Shtayyeh - who has a doctorate in economics from the University of Sussex - said, "the Israeli occupation's sovereignty over Jerusalem is alleged, and its narrative is forged, not based on history, antiquities, or any scientific or objective input."

The holy city is mentioned hundreds of times in Hebrew scriptures, and thousands of times more in Jewish prayers, poems and rabbinic literature. Jerusalem is one of the central components of Judaism. And, yes, the scientific and historic evidence for Jews living in Jerusalem and for the Temple being on the Temple Mount are overwhelming and irrefutable.  

Denying a Jewish connection to Judaism is to deny Judaism itself, and it profoundly antisemitic. 

And this is the official policy and talking point of the Palestinian leadership.

This proves, yet again, that the fundamental tenet of Palestinianism is antisemitism. The Palestinian claim to the land, and especially to Jerusalem but also to Judea and Samaria, is based on denying, denigrating and marginalizing millennia of Jewish history and belief. 

This isn't Islam. Muslims freely admitted the connection of Jews to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount before Zionism. This is a new historical revisionism - Jerusalem denial - that is particular to Palestinians and those who support the Palestinian positions. 

Trying to rip Jerusalem out of Jewish belief and history is a denial of Judaism itself. And Shtayyeh has proven that mainstream Palestinian nationalism is nothing less than old fashioned Jew-hatred dressed up in modern clothing.

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From Ian:

Bassam Tawil: The Real Threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque is From Muslims, Not Jews
If anyone has been desecrating al-Aqsa Mosque, it is Muslims who have been rioting and using rocks and fireworks to attack police officers and Jewish visitors. Muslim rioters -- not peaceful Jewish visitors -- are the real threat to the sanctity of the mosque.

Israeli authorities have clarified that the route of the "flag parade" absolutely does not include entry into any mosque.

Assurances by the Israeli authorities, however, have not stopped Palestinians and other Muslims from spreading fake news and libels against Jews.

Iran's terror proxies Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have also used the celebrations in Jerusalem to spread the libel that Jews are planning to "desecrate" al-Aqsa Mosque.

As far as Hamas and other Palestinians are concerned, the very presence of Jews at their holy site and in Israel is supposedly a "provocation."

Hamas and several terror groups in the Gaza Strip, including Palestinian Islamic Jihad, also repeated the lie that "al-Aqsa Mosque is in danger."

When the terror groups talk about "resistance," they are referring to the need for terrorism against Israel, including firing rockets from the Gaza Strip, and attacks by stabbing, shooting and car-ramming.

"The people of Palestine have no historical rights to Palestine. They have no right that dates back 2,000, 3,000, or 4,000 years. The right of the Canaanites to Palestine is equal to the pharaohs' right to Egypt. Is it conceivable that any Muslim in Egypt would say: 'I am Pharaonic and proud of it?' Well, it is the same if a Muslim in Palestine said, 'I am a Canaanite and proud of it.' To hell with your Canaanite identity and to his Pharaonic identity. People, our history is simple and it is not ancient. It must not be said that the Palestinians have Canaanite roots. Our history dates back only 1,440 years.... The only thing you are allowed to say is: Oh Palestinians, you are Muslims." — Issam Amira, Palestinian Islamic scholar, al-Aqsa Mosque, April14, 2023
The Honest Truth about Hazards to Holy Sites
All too often, critics have charged the Jewish state with limiting Palestinians’ freedom of worship, specifically at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque. However, an honest examination of the facts and relevant international law reveals that the Palestinians are guilty of the very thing they accuse Israel of.

In this piece, we will examine some of the restrictions and threats facing Jewish worship at holy sites and archeological digs in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Temple Mount (Jerusalem)
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City is Judaism’s holiest site — a fact that is beyond dispute. According to oral tradition, as well as mystical sources, the Mount contains the Foundation Stone from where God created the world. The Midrash and Jerusalem Talmud furthermore state that Adam, the first man, was formed from the dust of the plateau. Then Cain, Abel and Noah brought offerings on the same mountain. In Genesis 22, the Jewish patriarch Abraham is commanded to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice on Mount Moriah, identified as another name for the site.

Later, King David purchased the threshing floor from Araunah the Jebusite (II Samuel 24:24, I Chronicles 21:22-30) in order to construct an altar. His son Solomon established the First Temple, the focal point of Jewish worship, around 950 BCE, with the Holy of Holies and its Ark of the Covenant placed on the Foundation Stone. Although the Temple is now in ruins, the religious status of Judaism’s holiest place never changed. The Jewish sage Maimonides (1138-1204), in his magnum opus Mishneh Torah, concludes that “a person must hold [the site] in awe, as one would regard it when it [the Temple] was standing.”

Nowadays, Jewish tours of the Temple Mount are subject to many constraints. The current state of affairs governing the compound goes back to 1967, when Israel captured eastern Jerusalem from Jordan. Days after the war, defense minister Moshe Dayan met with Islamic leaders in the city. Under informal agreements that are enforced to this day, non-Muslims are only allowed to visit the Temple Mount during certain hours of the day, walk along a narrow police-enforced path, and may not pray there. Furthermore, due to incessant Palestinian violence, Israel is often forced to close the Temple Mount for Jews during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
PMW: Do the Europeans know or care where their aid to the PA goes?
According to a recent European Union report, “Since 2008, the European Union, Norway, and Switzerland have provided over 14 billion dollars in official development assistance to the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinians.”

As part of the continued aid, the EU recently finalized a new 296 million euro aid package for the PA and the Palestinians for 2023. In the press release following the ceremony announcing the newest EU aid package to the PA, the EU noted:
“To that end 114.2 million EUR will support the Palestinian Authority in the payments of the salaries and pensions of civil servants, the social allowances to vulnerable families and the referrals to the East Jerusalem Hospitals.”

[Website of the Office of the European Union Representative
(West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA), Feb. 2, 2023]

Since a considerable amount of the EU aid to the PA is spent on paying the “salaries and pensions” of the PA civil servants and on the backdrop of the PA teachers strike that has continued on since February 5th, Palestinian Media Watch decided to zoom in on the subject of the PA salaries to its civil servants since 2016.

The results of the examination shows a huge difference between the sum the PA reports to the world that it paid its civil servants and the sum PMW calculated to be the actual PA expenditure based on the PA’s own published labor reports.

PMW’s findings indicate, that in most years, there is a substantial difference between the PA reports - some years over a billion shekels – a sum which is even greater than the aid the PA received from the EU in that year.

For example, in 2022, according to the PA’s budget performance reports, the PA claimed to have paid its civil servants a cumulative sum of 8,114,105,436 shekels. However, according to the PA’s labor reports, the actual sum the PA paid to its civil servants was closer to 6,881,372,495 shekels, leaving a difference of 1,232,732,941 shekels or €302,374,788.

Since the EU is providing substantial aid to the PA, and wants to know exactly where every euro is spent, the question that the EU accountants/economists should be asking themselves is where is that aid money really going?

NGO Monitor: NGO Monitor Letter to the European Parliament's Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI) Regarding an Event with Al Mezan and Save the Children
Dear Members of the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI),

We write to you to express our concern over DROI’s scheduled May 22 “Exchange of views on the situation of children in Gaza,” featuring Save the Children’s local country director Jason Lee and Al-Mezan Director-General Issam Younis. Based on detailed evidence, committee members should be alarmed by the obvious false claims, omissions and distortions that will likely characterize the presentations. Al-Mezan: Cooperation with Terrorist Organizations

Al-Mezan has collaborated and given platform to EU-designated terrorist organizations, including Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). It also is a leader in the campaign for the indictment of Israelis by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

On March 18, 2023, Nafez al-Madhoun – an Al-Mezan board member participated in “Jurists Confronting the Occupier,” a legal event organized by the Hamas-affiliated International Center for Law Studies. Speakers included Hamas political bureau members Mahmoud Al-Zahar and Musa Abu Marzouq, as well as Hamas Palestinian Legislative Council member Mohammed Faraj Al-Ghoul.

Madhoun served as Director General of the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Legislative Council, from at least 2010 through at least June 2022.
Nafez al-Madhoun (2nd from left) participating in an October 2010 Hamas workshop alongside Hamas spokesperson Taher al-Nunu (far right), Hamas co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahar (2nd from right), and senior Hamas official Mohammad al-Ghoul (center)

Revealing his rejection of Israel’s legitimacy, in an October 2010 workshop, al-Madhoun demanded to “take steps to start discussing what is the legality of this entity [Israel]…pointing to the illegality of the Israeli entity, even in respect to decisions by the UN…This entity, by its nature, is temporary…It does not have a territory nor sovereignty, and its existence is contrary to international law decisions…It is forbidden that anyone forgive even an inch of Palestine to the occupation…”

Similarly, on April 9, 2015 Al-Mezan, hosted a conference in Gaza about the opportunities for prosecuting Israelis presented by Palestinian ascendancy to the ICC. The event featured Hamas, PIJ, and PFLP representatives. Younis addressed the participants.

According to Al-Mezan, the conference dedicated a panel to “The Vision of the Palestinian Factions,” featuring Hamas’ Khalil Al-Hayya, Islamic Jihad’s Khaled Al-Batsh, and the PFLP’s Saleh Nasser. Al-Mezan’s description of the session included these organizational affiliations.

By Daled Amos

Why haven't CNN and Christiane Amanpour apologized for their obvious misstatement of fact from May 11?

A mother and her 2 daughters were gunned down by Palestinian terrorists on April 7. Even granted the squeamishness of the media when it comes to calling out Palestinian terrorism by name, Amanpour's report was outright shocking when she referred to the attack on unarmed women as a "shootout" --

This takes blaming both sides to a whole new level.

And it is even more cringe-worthy considering the pat on the back that Amanpour gave herself in 2016:

I learned that as a journalist I could not be morally equivalent and nor could I present false factual equivalence. I insist on being truthful, not neutral.

The odd thing is that despite this boast, Amanpour did in fact publicly apologize for her bias in November 2020, after she used a reference to the Holocaust to attack Donald Trump. She started off with a reference to the anniversary of Kristallnacht:

It was the Nazis’ warning shot across the bow of our human civilization that led to genocide against a whole identity and, in that tower of burning books, it led to an attack on fact, knowledge, history and proof.

After four years of a modern-day assault on those same values by Donald Trump, the Biden-Harris team pledges a return to norms, including the truth.

But, in this case, the reaction against Amanpour's outrageous comparison led to a public retraction: 

 We can only hope that the pressure applied again by these organizations and by the Israeli government will again produce an apology by Amanpour.

Why is it taking so long, especially considering the obvious inaccuracy in calling the murder of unarmed women a shootout?

One reason might be that CNN themselves compounded the error and face the possibility of having to retract a second biased report on the cable network.

On April 10, CNN correspondent Frederik Pleitgen described the attack during Isa Soares Tonight in an even more convoluted way :

But earlier in the West Bank, there was a shooting incident where a car received a bullet shot, or gunshots, with the family in it. It was a mother and her two daughters, and the two daughters were killed in that crash. [emphasis added]

Journalism at CNN has deteriorated so badly that beyond blaming guns instead of the terrorists who fire them, now the bullets are blamed. Or perhaps the car that "received" the bullets is at fault? Then the death of the mother and her 2 daughters is blamed on the crash, despite the fact that the terrorists fired into the car after the crash in order to make sure their victims were dead. And of course, there is no mention of Palestinian terrorists.

Still, this would be a good opportunity for CNN to follow through on their declared goal to be less partisan, as reported in June of last year:

CNN's new boss, Chris Licht, is evaluating whether personalities and programming that grew polarizing during the Trump era can adapt to the network's new priority to be less partisan...

Details: Licht wants to give personalities that may appear polarizing a chance to prove they're willing to uphold the network's values so that they don't tarnish CNN's journalism brand.

 Of course, Licht has in mind drawing Republicans back to the network. He is not overly concerned with how Israel views CNN. But if the pressure on CNN to fix an undeniable error can be maintained, CNN may see it to its advantage to have Amanpour apologize.

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  • Monday, May 22, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon

Jewish Voice for Peace writes on their Facebook page:

“The Zionist argument to justify Israel’s present occupation of Palestine has no intelligent or legal basis in history.” - Malcom X [sic]
This weekend, we are happy to celebrate prolific civil rights leader and Anti-Zionist, Malcom X [sic], on what would have been his 98th birthday. His last visit to Palestine in 1964 further highlighted the parallels between the plights of Black Americans and Palestinians, inspiring him to write an impassioned letter to the Egyptian Gazette entitled On Zionist Logic. In it, he declared his staunch support for the Palestinian struggle, equating Zionism with colonialism and urging African leaders to rally in support of Palestinians’ quest for freedom.
The Malcolm X article On Zionist Logic, from September 1964, is a clear example of classic antisemitism. 

Its first two sentences prove it:
The Zionist armies that now occupy Palestine claim their ancient Jewish prophets predicted that in the "last days of this world" their own God would raise them up a "messiah" who would lead them to their promised land, and they would set up their own "divine" government in this newly-gained land, this "divine" government would enable them to "rule all other nations with a rod of iron."

 If the Israeli Zionists believe their present occupation of Arab Palestine is the fulfillment of predictions made by their Jewish prophets, then they also religiously believe that Israel must fulfill its "divine" mission to rule all other nations with a rod of irons, which only means a different form of iron-like rule, more firmly entrenched even, than that of the former European Colonial Powers.

First of all, Zionists never claimed that the messianic age had begun or that their government was divine. That is an insane interpretation of Zionism that has nothing to do with reality. 

But the other astounding thing about this section is that there is no verse in Hebrew Scripture that remotely claims that the Jews will  "rule all other nations with a rod of iron." Malcolm X made that up. He created that quote to claim that the Jews are planning to make everyone in the world their slaves. Yet that fake quote is the key to his criticism! He even ends off the essay with "Where is their Messiah?" as he demolishes his own straw man. 

If that isn't antisemitic enough, there's more. 

On Zionist Logic creates a number of full-blown antisemitic conspiracy theories, claiming that Israel's offers of economic aid and technical assistance to African nations is simply a new form of imperialism and colonialism of Africa that he calls "dollarism." He further inverts history by saying that Israeli aggression forces Arab nations to spend their money on weapons instead of helping their own people, so Israel can claim that they are backwards nations and offer itself up as a model to Africa. 
The number one weapon of 20th century imperialism is zionist dollarism, and one of the main bases for this weapon is Zionist Israel. The ever-scheming European imperialists wisely placed Israel where she could geographically divide the Arab world, infiltrate and sow the seed of dissension among African leaders and also divide the Africans against the Asians.
This is a warmed over version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

We will surround our government by a whole host of economists. That is the reason why science of economy is the principal subject taught to the Jews. We will be surrounded by thousands of bankers, traders, and, what is still more important, by millionaires, because in reality everything will be decided by money.

We set at variance with one another all personal and national interests of the Gentiles, by promulgating religious and tribal prejudices among them, for nearly twenty centuries.   

... This policy will also help us to sow dissensions amongst all parties, to dissolve all collective powers, and to discourage all individual initiative, which might in any way hinder our schemes. 

According to this paper, Malcolm X was very familiar with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and was in fact the one who introduced them into the Nation of Islam in the 1950s where it remains an important source of their Jew-hatred.

The underlying theme for these theories is that Zionists/Jews have unlimited funds to implement these plans of dividing and destroying the world, even though Israel in 1964 was not exactly an economic juggernaut.

Malcolm X was lying about the Torah, lying about Zionism, and spinning antisemitic conspiracy theories that come straight out of early 20th century Russia. 

Jewish Voice for Peace, by endorsing this article, proves beyond a doubt that it is actively antisemitic. 

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  • Monday, May 22, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
A funny thing happened in Lebanon.

A large Star of David - with a dove of peace! -was seen in the port in Tyre.

Someone saw it and went insane, ripping it all apart.

But it turns out it was a prop for an anti-Israel event for Lebanon's "Resistance and Liberation Day" held every May 25. Probably Hezbollah or another group planned to use that Star of David as a centerpiece in a huge explosion or something that would symbolize the destruction of Israel and would make Lebanese cheer. 

And one guy ruined all the fun!

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Sunday, May 21, 2023

  • Sunday, May 21, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon

Here's an interesting sports story out of Egypt.

The Zamalek handball team won the African Cub, defeating the Al Ahly team. The coach says that he used psychology to defeat the other team, praising how wonderful they were  before the match and that his team has many problems.

The coach is now bragging that he tricked them like "the Jews" do all the time.

What is the coach's name?

Ahmed Ramadan Hitler.

His brother, who plays professional handball as well, is Muhammad Ramadan Hitler. Their father was a professor, Ramadan Muhammad Hitler.

Cairo Scene noted in 2014:

In everyday life, the name of the former dictator [Hitler] is adorned everywhere, from store signs to street corners, antisemitism is found on TV channels, in cafes and in even among supposedly educated, liberal Egyptian homes. It doesn't take long on the streets of Cairo to before you find a copy of Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler's book outlining his ideological framework, which lead to the the slaughter of six million Jews during the second world war.

The vile text is rarely seen in public in other parts of the world. However, Egyptian booksellers, including the Zamalek branch of a well-known bookstore, believe that the text is so popular among Egyptians that it must be kept on prominent display.
The article notes the links between the Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi Germany, and shows how that admiration remains. 

Hamas and Al Qaeda have their roots in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptians aren't the only Arabs to have chosen to adopt the name of Nazi leaders. A Palestinian terrorist who went on a hunger strike in 2021 is named Ghadanfar Eichmann Abu Atwan, and his father is Eichmann Abu Atwan.

(h/t Ibn Boutros)

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