Thursday, November 05, 2015

From Ian:

Danon: PA 'organ harvesting' UN blood libel must be denounced
In response to a PA blood-libel letter to the UN accusing Israel of harvesting organs of Palestinians, Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon on Wednesday called on the Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, to condemn the Palestinian representative for his anti-Semitic remarks and hateful lies‫.
“After returning the seized bodies of the Palestinians killed by the occupying forces through October, and following medical examinations, it has been reported that the bodies were returned with missing corneas and other organs, further confirming past reports about organ harvesting by the occupying power from the Palestinian victims of its brutality,” the Palestinian representative, Riyad Mansour, charged in his letter.
In response, Danon said, "This blood libel by the Palestinian representative exposes his anti-Semitic motives and his true colors."
Ambassador Danon told the Secretary-General: "Anti-Semitism has no place in the halls of the United Nations and must be denounced. I call on you to repudiate this sinister accusation and to condemn the ongoing incitement by Palestinian leaders."
Mansour's letter was published hours after Israel returned to the PA the body of the Arab terrorist who critically wounded a Border Police officer near Halhul in the Hevron region. (h/t Bob Knot)
Palestinian attempts stabbing in Gush Etzion, is shot dead
A Palestinian man attempted to stab a group of people standing at a bus stop at Gush Etzion Junction in the West Bank on Thursday and was shot dead by an IDF soldier, according to preliminary reports.
“IDF forces thwarted an attack at a crowded bus stop in the Gush Etzion Junction,” an Israel Defense Forces statement said.
“A Palestinian, armed with a knife, attempted to stab the soldiers. Forces at the scene responded to the immediate threat and shot the assailant.”
According to Palestinian media reports, the attacker was identified as Malek Talal Sharif, 25, from Hebron.
There were no injuries on the Israeli side.
Cop hurt in Hebron car-ramming still in critical condition
A Border Police officer critically injured in a Wednesday car-ramming attack near the West Bank city of Hebron remained in critical condition, officials at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem said Thursday.
The officer, 20, is in the hospital’s intensive care unit.
He sustained multiple injuries, including a severe head wound, and was rushed to the Jerusalem hospital in serious condition after the attack.
A second Border Police officer was also hit in the attack, but was only very lightly hurt.
The Palestinian driver of the ramming vehicle was shot dead by security forces at the scene, near Halhul Junction on Route 60, and his body returned to his family for burial.

IsraellyCool: YouTube Bans Educational Video As Hate Speech
A few days ago MEMRI posted a clip of a Jordanian Cleric apparently forbidding the killing of Jews under “Islamic law”. Leaving aside all the problems of exactly who can speak for all Muslims everywhere, this was breathlessly spread far and wide by all who desperately hope that coexistence with Islam can one day work:
Jordanian cleric: Unprovoked killing of Jews in Palestine, even soldiers, is forbidden
Video of sheikh’s ruling, posted to the internet earlier this year, now widely circulating on social media amid stabbing surge, says watchdog group.
A clip of a Jordanian cleric ruling earlier this year that it is not permissible under Islamic law to kill Jews in Palestine is circulating widely on Arabic social media amid the ongoing surge in Palestinian stabbing attacks on Jews, the MEMRI watchdog group said Monday.

Sure enough, once his clip had made a major impact on those who still don’t understand how fundamental it is to Islam that Judaism be destroyed or Jews enslaved via Dhimmitude, he had to explain himself. He makes it perfectly clear in his latest video that Jews in Israel must be killed.
I’d embed the YouTube video at this point but this is all you’d see:
"This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech."
Hate speech exists. This video will be shared by the Sheiks followers in many ways, but the version with English subtitles that MEMRI put on YouTube, purely to highlight hate speech so that we may be educated, is blocked on YouTube.
Watch: Ya'alon's conditions breached at car terrorist funeral
Thousands of Arab residents of Hevron on Thursday took part in the funeral of 22-year-old Ibrahim Skafi, the terrorist who the day before ran over a Border Police officer and critically wounded him before being shot dead near the city in Judea.
Even as the officer is fighting for his life in intensive care, Skafi was lauded as a "shahid," namely a martyr, in his massive funeral in Hevron that included a car with loudspeakers leading a chant in his praise shouted by the masses who waved hundreds of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and yellow Fatah terror flags.
The funeral is particularly controversial given that the Security Cabinet last month decided to halt the return of the bodies of terrorists as a deterrent move - and yet Skafi's body was returned the same day as his car attack.
Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon defended the return of terrorists' bodies saying holding the bodies is not a deterrent, and further claiming the decision to return is made "on a case-by-case basis, where the main consideration is if there'll be a massive funeral, which is why the decision was made to return bodies on the condition funerals are quiet and modest."
As evident in the video, the claim that there is a condition of "quiet and modest" funerals is clearly false given the outpouring of celebration for the murderous terrorist seen in Hevron today.
Israeli Research Group Creates Profile of Average Palestinian Terrorist Stabber
Amid the recent wave of terror sweeping Israel, research group the Meir Amit Intelligence and Information Center released a report on Tuesday profiling what it called the “Palestinian who most commonly carries out a terrorist attack in Israel, especially a stabbing attack.”
The assailant is usually male (as there have been female attackers as well), young, between the ages of 17 and 19, and unmarried, according to the report. He is likely from an east Jerusalem neighborhood, especially Jabel Mukaber or Sur Baher, or the Hebron area.
Israeli officials have been referring to the attackers as acting mostly on their own and indeed the Meir Amit center’s report agreed with the assessment, saying the average attacker was following a spontaneous personal decision without following any formal organization or leadership.
Although the six-week span of intensified Palestinian attacks erupted largely after rumors of an Israeli takeover of the Temple Mount — a holy site for both Muslims and Jews — most of the Palestinians and Jerusalem residents who carried out the attacks were secular, according to the report.
The report also claimed the attackers were largely “personally and socially frustrated,” feeding off anti-Israel incitement on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. This explanation was also expressed on Wednesday in an Arabic letter sent around by Jerusalem educational authorities to parents in the city asking them to pay special attention to distress signals from their children, including possible “feelings of helplessness” or destructive behavior.
PA Removes Steel Door Jews Installed at Joseph’s Tomb
The Palestinian Authority has returned to Israel a steel door at Joseph’s Tomb (Kever Yosef) after it had been installed by Jews following the latest Muslim desecration of the holy site in Shechem.
Israeli authorities had sent as key to the door to Ramallah, apparently to emphasize that the Palestinian Authority has control of the site.
Ramallah sent back the key, as well as the door, according to Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency.
It quoted Shechem (Nablus) Governor Akram Rajoub as saying that “extremist” settlers installed the door in an alleged violation of agreements that Joseph’s Tomb is under PA control.
Palestinian Authority Arabs have desecrated the site several times. PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas called last month’s arson attack “irresponsible” and ordered repairs to extensive damage from a firebomb attack.
Israeli Arab woman 'sent by Gazan terror group to spy on Israel, carry out attacks'
Security forces arrested a 40-year-old Israeli-Arab woman in October at the Erez Border Crossing between Gaza and Israel and charged her on Thursday with entering Israel from Gaza, to carry out terrorist attacks on behalf of a jihadist organization.
The woman, Nasrin Hassan Abdullah Hassan, is married to a Gazan resident, and had been living in the Strip in recent years.
She was arrested last month, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) domestic intelligence agency said on Thursday, after trying to cross into Israel.
During questioning, "it emerged that in October 2013 she was recruited by the Katim Al-Muhajadin (Holy Warriors Battalions) organization, which has carried out a number of terror attacks against Israeli targets in recent years, including rocket fire at Israel," the Shin Bet said.
"It also emerged that she was recruited to carry out terrorist attacks within Israel, due to her being an Israeli citizen with freedom of access within Israel, and to and from the country," the Shin Bet added.
Hours after stabbing, 2nd Orthodox man attacked in Brooklyn
A Brooklyn man accused of punching an Orthodox Jewish man and knocking the cellphone from his hand was arrested Wednesday.
Christian Rojas, 36, allegedly assaulted the Jewish man, who was on his way to synagogue in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, early Wednesday morning, WABC News reported. The assault took place just hours after the Tuesday night stabbing of an Orthodox man — an off-duty volunteer with Hatzolah, a Jewish emergency services provider — in the neighborhood.
Police do not believe the attacks are related but are investigating both incidents as possible hate crimes. A $10,000 reward — funded equally by the Anti-Defamation League and Crown Heights Community Council — is being offered for information on the stabbing attack, CBS Local reported.
Rojas is being charged with assault as a hate crime, aggravated harassment as a hate crime and assault, according to the New York TV news program. The police said Rojas told the 49-year-old victim that he was “tired of Jews.”
Neither victim suffered serious injuries. The Hatzolah worker was identified by the New York Post as David Katz, 34.
For tourists to Israel, stabbings less daunting than rockets
In quiet times, Israel draws over 3 million foreign visitors a year, with tourism employing about 6 percent of the Israeli workforce. But every few years, a security situation sends that number spiraling downward. During Operation Protective Edge, which lasted from July 8 to August 26, 2014, the number of arrivals fell by a third.
It took the industry a year to bounce back when suddenly, this October, Israel was hit with a new wave of violence, in the form of stabbing, shooting and car ramming attacks by Palestinians targeting Israeli Jews that have killed 11 people and wounded 153. But despite the higher death toll (only seven civilians within Israel were killed during the 2014 conflict with Gaza) tourism has yet to suffer a significant blow, according to industry insiders.
“I think one reason is that international media reports of the current violence are less pronounced than in the past,” Pini Shani, head of marketing for Israel’s Tourism Ministry, told The Times of Israel.
Despite complaints among many Israelis that media outlets around the world were ignoring or downplaying the spate of stabbings, this is paradoxically good for tourism, says Shani.
“And I think it’s good for the State of Israel as well. Our numbers for October have been fine. For tourists already in Israel, very few canceled their trips. We have seen a slowdown in new reservations, but it’s nothing dramatic.”
In face of attacks, Israelis take stab at jokes
Humor? It’s a pretty common response to fear. Israelis, caught in the midst of a near-daily procession of attacks that have continued for more than a month, are always looking for a reason to laugh.
And so, as the spate of knife attacks and terrorist incidents puts the country on edge, a coterie of comedians — some professional, some not — are honing their gallows humor.
There are endless spoofs from local satirical shows, such as “Eretz Nehederet” (“A Wonderful Country”) and “Hazinor” (“The Pipeline”), featuring hapless security guards and goofy self-defense sendups.
One memorable clip from “Hazinor” shows a guy doing everything with his Magnum ice cream popsicle in hand — including playing piano, washing the dishes, running and shampooing his hair — spoofing on an Israeli border policewoman in Afula who helped neutralize a terrorist in the bus station without letting go of the half-eaten, chocolate-covered popsicle in her hand.
Survey Reveals 80% of Israeli Kids Traumatized by Terror-Attack Videos, 64% Afraid to Leave Homes
A new survey reveals that 80 percent of Israeli children who have seen footage of terror attacks are traumatized, the Israel site Walla reported on Wednesday.
The Nielsen poll was conducted among a cross-section of parents, who reported on how their children are affected by watching on-the-scene stabbing and other attacks on TV and the Internet.
Since the surge of Palestinian violence against Israelis that began a few weeks ago, the public has been bombarded by regular replays of every attack — caught on security and cellphone cameras.
According to Walla, the survey shows that children exposed to such videos are 1.5 times more likely to experience some form of trauma.
It also reveals that 64% of children who have watched such videos are afraid to leave their homes.
Arabic Letter Distributed to Jerusalem Parents With Guidelines on Keeping Kids From Committing Terror Attacks
The Jerusalem Municipality’s education authority (JEA) on Tuesday issued guidelines to parents of students in east Jerusalem state schools for recognizing symptoms of distress among their children that could lead to dangerous behavior, the Israeli news website nrg reported on Tuesday.
The Arabic guidelines include warnings about signs of distress that might indicate a child is under the influence of incitement, and advice on how to handle it. This includes keeping a much more watchful eye on the kids and letting them know they are being protected and supported at home.
The letter tells parents that in the event they sense unusual behavioral patterns, which arouse concern or suspicion, they should contact guidance counsellors or health and welfare authorities.
“During this period,” it stresses, “You must prevent your children from having access to, and the option of acquiring, dangerous objects like knives.”
These guidelines were spelled out in Arabic in a letter, 20,000 copies of which have already been distributed.
East Jerusalem teacher, principal fired over incitement against IDF
The principal and a teacher at an east Jerusalem elementary school were fired this week for allegedly inciting and encouraging violence against Israeli soldiers.
Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who has summoned the pair for a hearing, said Wednesday that "incitement to violence is not education, and anyone found to be inciting will not be part of the [education] system."
On Tuesday, Education Ministry Director General Michal Cohen reprimanded the Dar al-Hahmah school's board of directors, threatening to revoke the school's license should the incitement recur. The representatives apologized and condemned the specific educators' behavior.
The Education Ministry is looking into allegations that the school engages in unlawful political propaganda, incites to violence and adversely influences the students. The ministry's investigation revealed that the school recently staged a play in which a student portrayed an Israeli soldier shooting a Palestinian child. The students also sang songs praising terrorists who killed Jews and waved photos of them.
Arab MK claims Be'er Sheva terrorist was innocent
MK Taleb Abu Arar (Joint List) claimed Wednesday that the Bedouin terrorist shot by security forces after perpetrating a deadly attack in Be'er Sheva's Central Bus Station last month was innocent.
During a Knesset session, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon discussed Israel's policy of returning terrorists' bodies, claiming keeping them was not a proven deterrent to further attacks.
In response, Abu Arar called on Ya'alon to release the body of Muhaned al-Okabi for burial.
“I’ve asked the prime minister and defense minister to release the body of the young Bedouin Muhaned al-Okabi," Abu Arar declared. "It’s been over three weeks. His family and I assert his innocence."
According to Abu Arar, "The matter needs to be investigated again and again until the truth is uncovered. I watched a video showing the incident at the bus station. It does not prove al-Okabi’s involvement. It shows nothing. No gunfire, no one pulling a gun or holding a gun. I therefore request that the body be released for burial.”
PMW: More Palestinian blood worship and Martyr glorification
The morning after terrorist Muhannad Halabi in October murdered two Israeli civilians by stabbing them to death, and injured the wife and infant of one of them, PA official, Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh, Laila Ghannam described the morning on her Facebook page as one "fragranced by the blood of the Martyrs":
"Palestine's morning A morning fragranced by the blood of the Martyrs The morning of wounded Jerusalem Have a morning of pride and honor"[Facebook, "Friends of Dr. Laila Ghannam," Oct. 4, 2015]
As the Palestinian wave of violence and stabbing and shooting attacks against Israelis continues, so does this Palestinian almost worship-like rhetoric about the "Martyrs' pure blood" and their "fragrance" and "scent."

Last week, Abbas' Fatah movement wrote on Facebook that "the skies of Hebron are fragrant with the scent of the homeland's Martyrs," showing photos of five Palestinians who tried to stab Israeli soldiers with knives. A young woman who was shot and killed when she drew a knife when asked to identify herself "watered the ground of Hebron with her pure blood." [Official Facebook page of the Fatah movement, Oct. 13, 2015]
PMW: PA and Fatah to Palestinians: ‎Continue rock throwing!‎
Both the PA and Fatah continue to encourage rock-throwing against Israelis. The above cartoon in the official PA daily states that the rock is the "best friend ever" of Palestinians.
Abbas' movement Fatah also continues to applaud and encourage rock-throwing. A recent post on Facebook showed a masked Palestinian throwing a rock with a slingshot and the text:
"The intifada continues #the_rage_of_Jerusalem"
[Official Facebook page of the Fatah Movement, Nov. 2, 2015]
On Twitter, Fatah posted a cartoon encouraging rock-throwing. The cartoon, which commemorates deceased Palestinian cartoonist Baha Al-Bukhari, shows a Palestinian couple. The man is holding a rock in one hand and waving the Palestinian flag in the other, and the woman is raising two fingers in a V for "victory."
"We will continue, artist Baha Al-Bukhari, Allah have mercy on him #Palestine For the soul of Baha Al-Bukhari, we will continue"
[Fatah Twitter account, Oct. 31, 2015]
PMW: PLO makes light of cut in US aid, says it won't change PA policies
Responding to the report of a cut in US aid to the Palestinian Authority following intensified incitement by PA and Fatah leaders during the October 2015 terror campaign against Israelis, PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Ahmed Majdalani said that the decrease in aid is an ineffective "means of pressure" employed by the US to impact on "the Palestinian political decision making." However, it has failed in the past, and will fail now, Majdalani stated.
Headline: "Majdalani: 'The decrease in American aid is a traditional means of pressure which will not cause the Palestinian leadership to concede its national position'"
"PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Ahmed Majdalani said... in an interview with Radio Mawtini: 'This is not the first time that the US is decreasing the aid to the Palestinian people as part of its pressure on the Palestinian leadership to change its political position. This is a traditional step that has already failed [previously].' Likewise, he emphasized that these positions had previously failed to influence the Palestinian political decision making."

[Fatah's Information and Culture Commission website, Oct. 26, 2015]
The ease and even contempt with which the Palestinian leadership has received the announcement about the cut in US financial support, may be due to the fact that such cuts in aid initiated by Congress in the past have been temporary and often overruled by US presidents.
MEMRI: TV Compilation: The Knife Intifada
MEMRI has just released a new MEMRI TV compilation showing Palestinian officials, clerics, parents, and even small children praising the wave of knifings and other terror attacks against Israelis and encouraging more Palestinians to attack Israelis and Jews.

Saed Erekat: Dead Terrorists Are ‘Men Who Lost Hope’
What do you call an Arab who stabs Jews to death?
If you are PLO secretary general Saeb Erekat, who was the chief negotiator for the Palestinian Authority when it talked as if there were “negotiations,” the answer is: “They are dead men who have lost hope.”
That is what Erekat told BBC’s HARDtalk in an interview aired Wednesday. He also maintained that “violence is not the answer,” but when the interviewer asked him about the stabbings, some of them in the backs of children and elderly men and women, Erekat could not say a bad word.
Instead, Arabs murder Jews because they have lost hope, all because Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has not “negotiated” non-negotiable demands presented by Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas.
Erekat insisted in the interview that there will be a Palestinian Authority country, sooner or later.
Palestinians could retract Israel recognition, PA official warns
The Palestinians’ former top peace negotiator said that Palestinian leaders were considering withdrawing their past recognition of Israel.
In an interview published Thursday by al-Quds al-Arabi, Saeb Erekat, secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization, said the PLO’s recognition of Israel ahead of the 1993 Oslo accords may be canceled over what he described as Israel’s failure to live up to its end of the agreements.
As the accords are signed between Israel and the PLO, withdrawing recognition of Israel could constitute a pullout from the Oslo process itself, leaving the Palestinian Authority in legal and diplomatic limbo.
Erekat noted that the last meetings of the Palestinian National Council and the PLO executive committee called for reexamining the PLO’s security and defense relationship with Israel.
A decision on such a shift will come at the end of November, he said, after PA President Mahmoud Abbas holds a round of meetings with Arab leaders.
Fatah leaders express support for defining security, political, economic ties with Israel
Fatah leaders who met in Ramallah on Thursday expressed support for the idea of “defining” security, political and economic relations with Israel.
Last March, the Fatah Central Council recommended that the Palestinian Authority halt security coordination with Israel.
On Wednesday, the PLO Executive Committee, another key-decision-making body in Ramallah, endorsed the recommendation. On Thursday, the Fatah leaders, including PA President Mahmoud Abbas, also voiced support for the recommendation.
However, Palestinian sources said that the announcements by Fatah and the PLO do not mean that the PA leadership would immediately suspend security, political and economic ties with Israel. The sources explained that the announcements were designed to send a warning to Israel and the international community that the Palestinians would not continue to honor their commitments towards the peace process as long as Israel fails to do so.
Khaled Abu Toameh: Abbas demands Temple Mount status quo be restored to 1999
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday that Israel must restore the status quo that prevailed on the Temple Mount before the year 2000.
Abbas claimed that Israel was trying to alter the status quo at the holy site. “We have affirmed more than once to the relevant parties that what Israel is seeking to implement now [on the Temple Mount] is inaccurate, incorrect and a distortion of the reality,” Abbas said at a PLO Executive Committee meeting in Ramallah.
“We are currently working with the brothers in Jordan in order to restore the situation that prevailed before 2000 so that we could protect our holy sites from continued assaults by settlers.”
Abbas accused Israel of pursuing “assaults” on Palestinians and the Aksa Mosque. He said that settlers must stay away from villages, cities and lands of Palestinians.
Jordan's King Abdullah: Cameras will not be installed inside al-Aksa Mosque
Jordan’s King Abdullah said on Wednesday evening that no cameras would be installed inside the Aksa Mosque.
The monarch told a delegation of east Jerusalem figures during a meeting in Amman that it would take six weeks to install the surveillance cameras in the entire compound of the Noble Sanctuary (Temple Mount).
Voicing opposition to any change of the status quo at the holy site, King Abdullah said that the issue of the cameras was a Jordanian idea. He stressed that the cameras would be installed in cooperation with the Palestinians.
Referring to Palestinian criticism of the deal to install the cameras, which was recently reached under the auspices of US Secretary of State John Kerry, King Abdullah said: “Each time Jordan takes an official position, there are those who are skeptical. The project of installing the cameras is a Jordanian project that will be carried out through the (Jordanian-controlled) Wakf Department in cooperation with our Palestinian brothers. The cameras will cover the entire area of the Aksa Mosque and the compound of the Noble Sanctuary.”
Addressing Palestinian fears that Israel could use the cameras to arrest Palestinians for incitement, King Abdullah told the delegation members: “I want to be clear, there will be no cameras inside the mosque. But according to experts, it would take six weeks to operate the cameras in a way that would cover the entire compound.”
Honest Reporting: Podcast: CNN’s Warped Drive for “Balance”
Are there always two sides to every story? Is the Palestinian “narrative” morally equal to the Israeli one? Some in the media would have you think so.
Yarden Frankl discusses media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and “Even-Handism” on the Mottle Wolfe Show.
As Zoabi Calls for New "Intifada," NY Times Again Downplays Incitement
Haneen Zoabi, the outspoken and incendiary Israeli-Arab parliamentarian, has not hesitated to inflame the Palestinian public, not least by joining the chorus of Palestinian leaders falsely claiming that Israel intends to do harm to the al Aqsa Mosque. The idea that Israel has designs on the mosque, a sacred Muslim shrine that rests atop the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site, has been at the center of anti-Jewish violence in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel.
"There is no way to prevent them from taking al-Aqsa other than to struggle," Zoabi exclaimed only weeks before escalation of violence that has led to the current wave of stabbing attacks targeting Israelis. (Zoabi couples her calls to action with demands for religious exclusion and historical revisionism: The Temple Mount is "for Muslims only," she recently said, adding that there is no proof Jewish temples ever existed on the Mount.)
Since her call for "struggle" to defend the mosque from the Jews, the radical Knesset member has been more explicit in urging violence, telling a Hamas newspaper that the lone-wolf stabbing should be expanded into a full-fledged "intifada."
It was bewildering, then, to see the New York Times suggest that Zoabi and her colleagues have expressed opposition to the attacks. "Arab members of the Knesset … say they oppose violence by Israel's Arab citizens," reporter Isabel Kershner claimed. The sweeping statement might be true of some Arab members of Knesset, or even most. But it is not true of Zoabi.
Israeli news site removes computer game urging kids to 'neutralize' terrorists
An animated computer game requiring children to subdue terrorists caused a media stir on Thursday after it appeared on the children's section of an Israeli news portal's website.
The game entitled "Neutralize the terrorist" called on surfers visiting Arutz Sheva/Israel National News's "Yelduds" children's page to "assist security forces in neutralizing the terrorists that are attacking us."
The game's posting on the website came amid spiked tensions over the past month's increase in Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers, and the responsive measures taken by Israelis.
The outlet later on Thursday removed the game from the homepage of its children's section, with an employee of Artuz Sheva telling The Jerusalem Post that its posting "was a mistake."
"It was taken down. We didn't like it," she said.
Palestinian Authority news BBC audiences will not get from Yolande Knell
As we know, the BBC Jerusalem bureau’s Yolande Knell recently produced filmed and audio reports from Hebron which, like the rest of the BBC’s coverage of the ongoing wave of terror attacks in Israel, made no effort to inform audiences of the role played by the Palestinian Authority in inciting such attacks and its related glorification of terrorism.
In recent days the Palestinian Authority has held state funerals with military honours for terrorists killed whilst carrying out attacks on Israelis. Palestinian Authority officials were present at the funerals of five terrorists in Hebron on October 31st.
According to Channel 10’s veteran Arab affairs correspondent Zvi Yehezkeli, this is the first time that terrorists have been given military funerals by the PA and the order to do so came directly from the president, Mahmoud Abbas. Yehezkeli adds that although the PA officially bans the flying of Hamas flags in Hebron, such flags were permitted at the recent funerals there.
Channel 10 also reports that Mahmoud Abbas has ordered financial grants to be paid to the families of the terrorists killed whilst carrying out recent attacks.
BBC WS radio shows pass off political activist as ‘woman in the street’
Clearly the highly politicized and materially misleading account provided by Mariam Barghouti is very different from the personal stories told by two Israeli women but there is nothing surprising about that when one considers that, among many other things, Barghouti has been on tour with the International Solidarity Movement in Holland, is an active supporter of the BDS Campaign and is a contributor to the ‘Mondoweiss’ website.
The trouble is that neither of those BBC World Service programmes bothered to inform their listeners that the ‘woman in the street’ supposedly giving them a view of ‘what life is like’ is actually a seasoned political activist with a very clear anti-Israel agenda.
In November 2012 the BBC’s ECU reconfirmed “the importance of clearly summarising the standpoint of any interviewee where it is relevant and not immediately clear from their position or the title of their organisation” – in accordance with the corporation’s editorial guidelines on impartiality.
Passing off a known political activist as a random woman and providing her with a platform to promote what the BBC knows full well to be blatant propaganda is clearly not in keeping with the spirit of those editorial guidelines on impartiality or the accompanying editorial guidelines concerning accuracy.
Cameron: Sinai crash ‘more likely than not’ caused by bomb
British Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday that it was “more likely than not” that a bomb brought down a Metrojet flight packed with Russian vacationers — a scenario that officials from Russia and Egypt have tried to dismiss as premature speculation — and that he would call Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the incident.
Cameron said he had grounded all flights to and from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, stranding thousands of British tourists at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, because of “intelligence and information” indicating that a bomb was the likely culprit in the crash Saturday that killed 224 people.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said if Britain had information about a bomb on the plane, it’s “really shocking” that hasn’t been shared with Russia. She urged Britain to immediately give any such information to the investigators.
ISIS Hands Out Candy to Celebrate Civilian Deaths Aboard Russian Plane
As Western intelligence agencies consider the possibility that ISIS destroyed a Russian airliner over Egypt, killing 224 civilians, the Islamic State seems eager to take credit for the deed.
A new video released through social media shows ISIS militants handing out candy to happy supporters and celebrating the destruction of the plane, after which a group of ISIS thugs discuss the plane crash as a successful operation:
According to the UK Daily Star, the video appears to have been filmed in the Nineveh province of Iraq, where there is “a large Islamic State presence.”
An ISIS affiliate in Egypt that calls itself “Sinai Province” has claimed direct responsibility for the attack, and said they would soon reveal how they carried it out. “The fighters of the Islamic State were able to down a Russian plane over Sinai province that was carrying over 220 Russian crusaders. They were all killed, thanks be to God,” said a Twitter message from the group.

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This blog may be a labor of love for me, but it takes a lot of effort, time and money. For over 12 years and over 25,000 articles I have been providing accurate, original news that would have remained unnoticed. I've written hundreds of scoops and sometimes my reporting ends up making a real difference. I appreciate any donations you can give to keep this blog going.


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