Friday, June 06, 2014

Teen tour says Haifa is part of "Palestine"

"Go Palestine" is "A Summer Experience for Diaspora Palestinian Youth and Friends (Age 14-17)."

The brainwashing starts early:

We look forward to welcoming our campers here in their homeland and to helping them explore as much of Palestine as possible. Go Palestine is planning trips not only throughout Ramallah but to other cities as well such as Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nablus, and Haifa. For instance, campers swim in the Mediterranean Sea and absorb the breathtaking view of Palestine’s hills as they hike across the West Bank. Visits to olive groves and villages such as Birzeit and Taybeh, in addition to volunteer work in the refugee camps, will give a full picture of life in Palestine.
Last year's trip included this on its blog:

We visited a small Palestinian village, and compared its dry environment to the lush, green settlements who redirect water from Palestinian wells to their settlements and farms.
This is of course a lie; Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria get their water from Israel and from well built just for them, nothing from Palestinian Arab wells. Also, the Palestinian Arabs have not been using all the water they are allowed to under existing agreements, and waste a huge amount of that they do use.

Somehow, the campers in this land where Israel steals all the water still manage to enjoy swimming in Ramallah. Because brainwashing kids visiting is a much higher priority than efficiently bringing water to farms.

(h/t Russell)