Monday, October 21, 2013

Qatar refuses to show Israeli flag at swimming championships (updated x2)

Israeli swimmer Amit Ivri won the silver in the Swimming World Cup being held in Doha today.

But unlike with her competitors, the graphic that shows the flags of the countries of the swimmers for Ivri was blank:

A glitch, perhaps?

Not quite. Fellow Israeli swimmer Gal Nevo's flag was also blanked out in the computer graphic:

It is unclear who is responsible for the graphics. Israeli MK Yoel Razvozov said he will file a complaint with the Olympic Committee and the head of FINA, the International Swimming Federation.

(h/t Avi  Mayer)

UPDATE: Commenter Bob Knot found the video of the men's 100m medley final, and Gal Nevo's flag is visible in that broadcast at least:

He also found another YouTube member who says that on the broadcast he was watching, they didn't even bother to show the contests that had Israelis in them.

UPDATE 2: There was another flag incident as well.