Friday, October 04, 2013

Arab columnist describes Israel's nefarious plans to take over - Iraq

Columnist Atef in AlAnkabout describes in chilling detail - and no verifiable facts - exactly how Israel is taking over Iraq.

Iraqi refugees flooded Jordan and elsewhere, where the Mossad recruited hundreds of them because of their poverty. These people - students, workers and journalists - then return to Iraq to hatch the insidious plan.

These spies then spread immorality, prostitution and drugs throughout Iraq, ensnaring more poor Arabs in the Zionist web.  The proof is that there is now an alarming spread of drugs and AIDS in large cities in Iraq, so who else could possibly be responsible?

Israel has a number of motivations to take over the country. First of all, those Israelis still resent how the Scud missiles from 1991 turned Tel Aviv and Haifa into ghost towns for periods of time over a few weeks, and this is simple revenge.

Secondly, of course, is oil. Israel is trying to get its grubby hands on pure Arab oil, and iraq is a perfect place to get it from. It is not apparent whether this part of the plan has been implemented.

Thirdly, Israel is trying to force millions of Palestinian Arabs to move to Iraq so they will no longer be wanting to move to Israel. The fact that Iraqis forced tens of thousands of Palestinian Arabs to flee after the gulf wars does not seem to upset this brilliant theory.

The Americans here are doing exactly what the British did in Palestine - using their muscle to ensure that Jews get what they want, a "deformed state" as Atef puts it.

It makes so much sense as long as you have a profound hatred of Jews and you have no ability to think logically.

But I repeat myself.