Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Links Part 1

From Ian:

National Post editorial board: More proof of Israel’s restraint
But the relative handful of potential violations pales next to the enormous scale of the military operation. Israel conducted 1,500 air strikes on targets within Gaza, as well as seven naval attacks and several hundred strikes with artillery, but the UNHRC found that only 101 civilians deaths could be attributed to Israeli military action. Considering the densely populated nature of Gaza, such accuracy represents a level of precision essentially unknown in any prior war in history.
But the UNHRC report can, and should, be read as further proof that Israel makes every reasonable effort to wage war against a determined, indiscriminate enemy with precision and restraint.
CAMERA: Crickets at Electronic Intifada Over UN Finding Hamas Responsible for BBC Reporter's Baby Death
Electronic Intifada, the anti-Israel web site run by activist Ali Abuminah, was extremely agitated over what it saw as the failure of the BBC to vociferously condemn Israel for the murder of the 11 month old infant son of BBC journalist Omar Misharawi. In an article titled, When BBC ignores Israeli murder of its own cameraman’s baby, what hope for other Palestinians?
Western funded Palestinian TV insists, "land occupied in 1948 will return to us one day"
In yet another revelatory video, Palestinian Media Watch shows how despite consistent calls for a two-state solution, Palestinian television is still teaching its children to await the destruction of Israel

PA arrests Palestinian over ties to Al Jazeera By Khaled Abu Toameh
Sarkaji, who lives in Nablus and also works as a TV producer, said his problems had begun when he returned to the West Bank after attending a training course for the Doha-based Al Jazeera TV station.
His father, Yusef, was a senior Hamas commander who was killed by the IDF in 2002.
Al Jazeera’s relations with the PA leadership have deteriorated ever since the station published documents about the peace talks with Israel that were stolen from the office of PLO chief negotiator Saeb Erekat.
Hamas calls for ‘collaborators’ to turn selves in By Khaled Abu Toameh
Gaza Interior Ministry: Effort aimed at opening door for "repentance" for Palestinians who have been working for Israel.
Egypt Bans Film About Local Jewish Community
Egyptian security services have banned a film about the Jews of Egypt on the eve of its scheduled release, the film's director told AFP on Tuesday.
"The film was banned by National Security," Amr Ramses told the news agency by telephone from New York.
The film, which documents the lives of members of the Egyptian Jewish community in the first half of the 20th century, exploring themes of identity and tolerance, was meant to be screened in three cinemas on Wednesday, the report said.
CNN's Burnett To Laura Bush: Should America Accept Anti-Semitism?
ERIN BURNETT, HOST: An Egyptian woman, her name's Samir Ibraham, and she's done a lot of things, courageous things. She's also been criticized for sending tweets that are anti-Semitic, anti-American. Does the U.S. need to accept that when we want to make change. You have to support people that do those things - financially in term of awards, in terms of all these things - because it pays off in the end? Is that a trade-off we have to make?
UN Monitor Slams Iran Over Arrest of Journalists
The United Nations' monitor for human rights in Iran sounded the alarm Tuesday over a rise in arrests of journalists, saying this was part of a pattern of increasing violations as presidential elections loom.
Seventeen journalists were arrested in the space of one week in January, Ahmed Shaheed told reporters, according to AFP.
In addition, some 50 journalists were already behind bars, he said.
Iran and Hungarian party form anti-Semitic alliance
Isolated and anti-Western, a pair of pariahs find common ground in their outspoken opposition to Jewish interests
Jobbik’s general antagonism toward Israel has blossomed in recent months into a fully fledged campaign. Gyongyosi has announced a national tour of lectures on the “Zionist threat to world peace.” In parallel, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel articles now take up more than 30 percent of the content on the party’s English-language website.
Iran mulls suing Hollywood over ‘Argo’
Decision comes after a group of Tehran officials screen the film for a closed audience
Those at the meeting dismissed “Argo” as a “violation of international cultural norms.” A statement issued after the gathering said that “awarding an anti-Iran movie is a propaganda attack against our nation and entire humanity.”
Facebook bets on Israeli games
Five of the developers of Facebook's ten largest social games in the EMEA come from Israel, and the company is here looking for more.
Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) is building on the Israeli gaming market: five of the developers of Facebook's ten largest social games in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) come from Israel. Herzliya-based Plarium Ltd. is one of the ten fastest growing games companies on Facebook worldwide.
These achievements today brought Facebook to Israel for the second time in six months to find the next game hit, and to send a clear message to Israeli gaming developers: We want you.