Monday, February 04, 2013

Abbas: Solution can come this year - if the world forces Israel to surrender

"Moderate" PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas told a Russian news agency that a solution to the Israel/Palestinian Arab problem can come this year, as long as the world pressures Israel to capitulate to the maximal PLO demands.

"President" Abbas - whose term ended several years ago - said in an interview with the Tass news agency that "Palestine got recognition at the United Nations and therefore can settle all matters relating to settlement, Jerusalem and refugees during the current year; we are hoping to achieve Palestinian independence in 2013."

He stressed that the conflict can be resolved if the Israeli government is ready to solve it "on the basis of international legitimacy," which is the Palestinian Arab keyword for ignoring the wording of UNSC 242 and elevating UNGC 194 into importance and meanings it never had to force Israel to sccept millions of fake refugees.

abbas stressed the importance of international support, pointing out that Russia had always stood with the Palestinians. He added that the Palestinian Authority was seeking to obtain the support of the United States and other countries.

He said nothing about going back to the negotiating table with Israel, though. Instead, he reiterated his precondition added in 2008 that Israel must stop Israeli settlement activity, one that didn't exist since Oslo.

On unity with Hamas, Abbas announced that the internal Palestinian reconciliation with the terror group can be achieved in the coming months. No doubt he sees no problem with the international legitimacy of including terror groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad in his government.