Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Photos: Burning Fayyad in effigy

I mentioned the anti-PA economic protests yesterday in Hebron (and there were some in Ramallah as well.)

Here are photos of the protesters burning an image of prime minister Salam Fayyad in effigy.

These aren't Islamists - these are secular Palestinian Arabs (the good guys, according to the media.)

The protesters don't blame Fatah's corruption for their economic woes. They don't blame their Arab brethren for reneging on their pledges for hundreds of millions of dollars. They aren't protesting the split between Hamas and Fatah.

No, they are directing their anger at the one politician who is truly moderate, who untainted by terror, who has a real background in economics and who knows that there is no way for the PA to survive unless it stops acting like a welfare state and the people start acting responsibly.

This is the problem: the Palestinian Arabs have been literally raised on the concept that the world owes them everything and that they have no responsibility for their actions. They are on a psychological par with typical four year olds who have not yet learned that they must brush their teeth before bed. Most would rather fantasize about their culture's superheroes - people like Samir Kuntar and Dalal Mughrabi and Yasir Arafat - than decide to so the work necessary to build a nation. They choose stunts and symbolism over reality, and indeed cannot distinguish between the two.  When offered real, long term gains for compromising, they instead choose delusions.

Fayyad isn't the problem. His people are.