Sunday, August 05, 2012

A tree falls on the Temple Mount. Must be the Jooz!

A palm tree collapsed in the courtyard of the Temple Mount on Sunday, near where the Al Aqsa Mosque currently is.

So of course the conspiracy theories started flying right away.

One thing they all have in common - it was the fault of the evil Jews.

Theory number 1 is the always popular idea that Jewish excavations under the mosque - which are wholly imaginary - have weakened the trees and caused this one to fall.

Theory number 2 is that Jewish "settlers" are spraying chemicals to kill the trees when they visit the Temple Mount.

Theory number 3 is that the Israelis have placed a camera on the Dome of the Rock and the trees were in the way, so they somehow knocked this one down.

The Al Aqsa Foundation concludes:
All this evidence suggests that occupation is the cause of such cases, and it remains for the competent Muslim Arab Palestinian engineers and agricultural engineers to examine such cases, in a professional and scientific manner, and come to their conclusion.
It is nice to know that they want to find competent authorities to confirm what they already know. Otherwise one might think they weren't being fair in their wild conspiracy theories.