Monday, June 11, 2012

PalArabs start a forest fire. NGOs, media silent.

A "breaking news" item from YNet that was never expanded into an article:

A forest fire broke out Sunday evening in the Anatot forest near the security fence as a result of Molotov cocktails thrown from the Shufat refugee camp north of Jerusalem.

Four firefighting teams were working to extinguish the blaze, under security since more Molotov cocktails were being thrown from the camp in an attempt to fan the flames.
You know how Palestinian Arabs consider trees to be sacred? How they issue press releases every weekend claiming that Jews cut down their trees, whether it really happened or not?

Well, maybe some trees aren't really that sacred.

After all, these darlings of the Left continued to throw Molotov cocktails while the firefighters were trying to extinguish the flames!

This news is all but invisible in the media. One of the few places that reported it was Qudsmedia, where they happily reported that "young Jerusalemites" from the Shu'fat camp started the blaze.

Every week we see stories blaring in the media and from NGOs, most of them fictional, about how evil Zionists are destroying trees in the territories. But when the supposed tree-lovers actually do real damage to trees - the media turns silent.

Maybe some trees are more important than others. Yeah, that must be it.