Friday, May 04, 2012

Weekend Links, part 2 (Ian)

From Ian:

Honest Reporting replies to the Guardian
Tel Aviv is Israel's Capital (According to the Guardian)

 Co-op bans settlement produce in Israel boycott
But the JC can reveal that at least two of the four companies with which the Co-op is now refusing to do business - Arava Export Growers and Mehadrin - had no contracts to sell produce to the UK
group before the boycott.

Mehadrin's Rami Hesel said: "We were not dealing withthe Co-op, even before the boycott. We had no business with them and didn't sell them anything. For us it is irrelevant.

"We have many Arab workers with us in the fields and packing houses. There are families who have been with us for many years. Any attempt to harm us harms the Palestinians, too."


Daphne Anson points out 

'Despite the Co-op’s claims that they are applying their policy even-handed, goods from Occupied Northern Cyprus, for example, may still be sold in Co-ops and labelled as “produce of Turkey”.

"Produce Of Turkey": The Co-op, The Boycott, & Double Standards


Released bin Laden papers show Al-Qaeda with Israel in its sights

“Al-Qaeda considered the use of drugs to infiltrate Israel’s borders and security infrastructure, thought of the Arab Spring as a positive development, called on Christians in Israel to convert to Islam, and slammed the Mubarak regime for its relations with Israel in newly declassified papers found by US
commandos in Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound.”

AQ Received funding from Iran and Fatah

Letter Excerpts: What al Qaeda Thought of Fox News, CNN, ABC

Al Qaeda Loves Keith Olbermann, Hates Fox

Revealed: How bin Laden plotted to bring down Air Force One to kill Obama and replace him with 'totally unprepared' Biden


More shameful BBC propaganda against Israel
The BBC has now sunk to pinning its stories against Israel on people who refer to the Jewish state in terms of Nazism and Apartheid

DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Palestinian Terrorists
Tamimi was released even though she has admitted – on television – that she participated in the Sbarro terrorist bombing. In the interview, she even expressed her delight at the number of children among the dead.

Former Egyptian PM Says He'd Visit Israel

Hamas denies Israeli report on contact with Olmert

How The Palestinian Authority Fights Corruption by Khaled Abu Toameh

“Palestinians say that the campaign of intimidation and harassment against the media is designed to prevent "negative reporting" about the Palestinian Authority government. The Palestinian Authority does not want anyone to report about corruption and abuse of power out of fear that this would affect financial aid from the US, EU and other countries.”

What about UN crimes?
Op-ed: IDF actions pale in comparison to crimes committed by UN peacekeeping forces 

Pat Condell - Hello Saudi Arabia

London won't hold minute of silence for 1972 victims

USS Cole Commander Slams Obama Adhttp://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2012/05/02/USS-Cole-Commander-Slams-Obama-Ad

Six army battalions called up under emergency orders to meet growing threat on Egypt, Syria borders

American Methodists vote against divesting from Israel

Also, Barry Rubin's article on new NYT Israel correspondent Jodi Rudoren's romanticizing terrorists who are hunger striking.