Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One of Yemen's few remaining Jews murdered

JPost reports:
A member of the Jewish community in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa was stabbed and critically injured by a Muslim man accusing him of witchcraft on Tuesday, AFP quoted the man's son as saying. Army Radio quoted a friend of the victim as saying Aharon Zindani had died as a result of the stab wounds.

The 50-year-old Zindani “was stabbed at Saawan market near the US embassy in northeast Sanaa,” his son Yehya was quoted as saying. “He received stab wounds to his neck and stomach.”

According to Yehya Zindani, his father was undergoing surgery for his wounds.

He described the attacker as a “well-known person who says my father has ruined and bewitched him.” According to Israeli media reports the attacker stabbed Zindani 12 times before being stopped by a group of men and detained.
Al-Arab Online confirms that Zindani died from his wounds.

It says that the murderer cried "You are Jewish and ruined my business with the magic that you use." It also says that the killer was a qat dealer.

A Yemeni human rights group condemned the killing, noting that there has been increasing anti-semitism in recent years in the country, saying there has been "an unjustified campaign of incitement against the Jewish community in Yemen, using racist slogans calling for killing them."