Thursday, May 03, 2012

On the Middle East reaction to foot and mouth disease in Gaza (Zvi)

Comment from Zvi on this posting about how Hamas seems blasé about a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in Gaza, and how Israel is doing everything it can to help stop its spread:

"the Agriculture Coordinator at the DCL was urgently called to Erez Crossing in order to receive samples of the disease from his Palestinian colleagues."

There was no assistance from Iran in this hour of need; in mid-April, Iran was busy threatening the US. There was no assistance from Syria, which in mid-April was busy faking a truce and shelling its own civilians using tanks. There was no assistance from Egypt, where the disease originated; there was not even an attempt to cut off the smuggling tunnels from the Egyptian side in order to prevent the smuggling of disease-carrying animals. There was not even a breath of assistance from the Bigotry/Double Standards movement, which in mid-April was busy preparing to swarm-attack Ben Gurion International Airport. There was not a whiff of assistance from the Salafists, who in mid-April were busy calling for the annihilation of Israel.

When the crisis hit, the country that mobilized its own resources to help... was Israel.

You can say that Israel has self-interest in the matter. And it does. So does every other country in the region - the same ones that spend put so much effort into trying to destroy Israel, and the ones where only a simple majority of the population obsesses about doing so.

Well, it's a good thing for the region that there is ONE country in the middle east that has advanced capabilities. It's a good thing that there is SOMEONE in the region who cares about win-win solutions, rather than obsessing about repulsive vendettas.

When really bad, dangerous things happen, there is no substitute for being responsible adults.