Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hamas outraged over Mabhouh comedy

From Gulf News:

Relatives of a Hamas leader allegedly slain by a Mossad hit squad are looking to block the release of an Israeli-French spoof on the raid - not because it portrays him as a "terrorist" but because it shows him drinking in a hotel bar.

The film, which parodies the 2010 killing of Hamas commander Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in his Dubai hotel room in January 2010, stars Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli, French actor Tomer Sisley and Israel's Shlomo Bar-Abba, star of the Oscar-nominated Footnote.

"The film undermines the image of our brother, showing him drinking alcohol and meeting in a bar with an Israeli model who seduces him and sets the trap for his assassination," Fayaq Al Mabhouh told AFP in Gaza.

He said his family was planning to sue the producers in the Israeli courts on grounds the film "soils the image of the martyr Mahmoud Al Mabhouh." "We are a conservative, religious family and we respect the reputation of the dead, especially since our brother is an honourable symbol of resistance," he added.
A small reminder: Mabhouh was involved with the abduction and murder of two Israeli soldiers, and there is a video of him standing on their corpses. He smuggled weapons for Hamas in Gaza and was working on getting Iranian weapons into the hands of Hamas terrorists.

But making fun of him is immoral, according to his family - precisely because of his terrorist credentials.

Hamas has added its voice to those outraged by this film. Spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said "it is essential for this farce to be stopped immediately, and all Palestinian human rights and all-loving Palestinian people must stop this," demanding that the Palestinian Bar Association, the Arab Lawyers Union and the World Federation for Lawyers to defend the case and file a lawsuit against the film company and stop the production of this "shameful act."

Yes, a murderous terror group is accusing people making a movie of being "shameful."