Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Canadian aboriginal leaders visit Israel (plus a little Leftist racism)

From JTA:
Thirty young aboriginal leaders from Canada will travel to Israel to study culture and society in the Jewish state.

The Youth Leadership Development Mission to Israel will take place April 29 to May 6.

Under the auspices of Canada's Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs and the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, the First Nations leaders will visit Christian and Jewish holy sites, study the Israeli immigrant absorption experience, and skate at Israel's only full-sized hockey rink, located at the Canada Centre in Metulla.

"The objective of this trip is to help develop leaders among First Nations youth," said Ron Evans, chief of the Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba, who will lead the mission. "I visited Israel for the first time last year and I was overwhelmingly inspired. The Jewish people are the historic, indigenous people of Israel. For Canada's First Nations, Israel's story demonstrates how an ancient people can maintain their heritage while embracing the modern world, and in so doing achieve self-determination."
I found this in a tweet from Max Blumenthal, who called this "redwashing."

Calling the indigenous people of North America "redskins" is considered offensive to many, so Blumenthal's comment is blatantly racist. But since it comes for a good cause of trying to bash Israel, don't expect any of his fellow, ever-sensitive leftists to call him on it. They save their indignation for perceived racism exclusively from the other side.