Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Bank of Palestine" promotional materials

EoZ fan Ruchie emailed me that she was at an Arab business conference in Nazareth, and one of the promotional items being given away was this mug from the "Bank of Palestine:"

Of course, the map includes all of Israel, without any fear of controversy. Making it really hard to argue that the goal of Palestinian Arabs is not to wipe out Israel.

No doubt if you ask them about it (in English) they would say that they were merely invoking a romantic map of "historic Palestine."

Yet the only time any entity called Palestine looked like this was between 1922 and 1948, which means that "historic Palestine" was a bizarre anomaly of a territory, whose boundaries were drawn by the West, which was under British rule, and  that lasted a mere 26 years.

Isn't it weird that people who supposedly had been there for centuries define themselves this way?