Monday, May 21, 2012

Anti-semitism is alive and well among soccer-fan tweeters

Two small Israeli flags were displayed in the crowd during a major televised soccer game in Germany:

And the Jew-haters came out of the woodwork on Twitter:

WTF....do u see those Israeli flags at mid pitch....muthfukers r everywhere....even in germany 

  1. RT @Ali_ElMaestro8: Them jews with the Israeli flags are pissing me off.
  2. ToastAndBanana
    Hardly surprising there's Israeli flags either. The Jews blackmail Germany cos of what they did and will do it for ages.
  1. I'm pretty sure the two fellas waving Israeli flags at the CL final have been sent on a PR mission. Infuriating.
  2. Majstar7
    them guys waving the israeli flags on the halfway line are mocking the Germans on a different level #ChampionsLeagueFinal
  3. Armchaireverton
    @goldman1007 abramovich is Jewish - the Israeli flags on the halfway line were possibly a reference to the massacre at Olympics 40 years ago
You can read the whole thing at Storify.

(h/t Daniel F)