Friday, February 10, 2012

Say goodbye to Egypt's tourism industry: 3 more kidnapped in Sinai

From Ma'an:
Armed men kidnapped three Korean tourists and an Egyptian guide in St. Catherine in the southern Sinai on Friday, an Egyptian security official said.

Maj. Gen. Muhammad Najib, director of south Sinai security, said a group of armed Bedouins stopped a bus of Korean tourists and kidnapped three in addition to the guide in Wadi Firan area.

Security sources predicted that the kidnappers may be the same who kidnapped three Americans in order to negotiate releasing Bedouins imprisoned for weapons and drugs violations.
If tourists are in danger on a tour bus, you can kiss the entire industry goodbye.

Egypt does not have a bright future. The Muslim Brotherhood will not be able to fix Egypt's financial woes; the newly powerful Salafists will push their 8th-century morality; and the Egyptian people now have the idea that they can simply protest their problems away.

Whoever is in charge will need a strong security force - whether it is SCAF or a successor - to be able to even do day-to-day governing.

And that force is going to end up killing a lot of people.