Monday, February 27, 2012

Iran celebrates Oscar win over Israeli film

From Payvand:
An Iranian filmmaker has won the country's first Oscar, taking the prize for the best foreign-language film at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, and Tehran has celebrated by touting it as a victory over its archenemy.

Director Asghar Farhad's "A Separation," already the recipient of a number of high-profile international awards, was awarded an Oscar on February 26 over films from Belgium, Poland, Canada, and Israel.

But it was the win over the Israeli entry, "Footnote," that has garnered most of the attention.

"This is the beginning of the collapse of the influence of the Zionist lobby over American society," read a statement issued by Javad Shamaghdari, the head of Iran's Cinematic Agency. Describing the win as an "unusual reaction to the Zionist lobby," Shamaghdari said the Oscar marked the "beginning of the collapse" of Israeli influence.

(“The American judgment bowed before the Iranian culture and Oscar voters showed a different reaction to the Zionist lobby, which is escalating war,” he added.)

Iranian state television, meanwhile, reported that the Iranian movie had "left behind" a film from the "Zionist regime."

With the victory, according to a report by Iran's Student News Agency (ISNA), an "Iranian flag has been planted atop America."
So does this mean that "Zionists" don't own Hollywood, as Iran claims? I mean, how easy would it have been for those "Zionists" to ensure that Footnote won the award? It seems that there is no way to reconcile the two facts that "Zionists" run Hollywood and that they gave an award to their enemy.

Unless....the reason that they gave the award to Iran was because they didn't want to make it too obvious that they supported Israel!

But....they could have voted for a different film to make the same point! And they voted for the hated Iranians, whom everyone knows they can't stand and would never reward!

Yet.... there is another question. Iran ensures that no Iranian competes against an Israeli in any sporting event. How could they let "A Separation" compete with a film from the evil Zionist entity? Shouldn't the director be jailed when he comes back to his homeland?

Luckily, anti-semites don't care much about consistency in their opinions.

It is a self-defense mechanism, because otherwise their small brains would explode.

(By the way, "A Separation" lost in the best original screenplay category to "Midnight in Paris," written by one of those unmentionable Jews "Zionists" that control Hollywood. I think there is a secret message there somewhere that only Iranians can decipher.)